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At NET/WORK Philly, get to know these companies that want to get to know you

We rounded up some quirky facts about a dozen of the orgs hiring at our Feb. 26 job fair.

The scene at NET/WORK Philly 2017. (Photo by Catherine Sontag)

This is a sponsored post featuring Talent Pro clients that will attend our NET/WORK tech jobs fair on Feb. 26.

Update: Linode's open jobs list has been updated. (2/22, 12:43 p.m.) Macquarie's open jobs have been added. (2/22, 1:23 p.m.) IntegriChain's section has been updated. (2/22, 5:55 p.m.)
The most important first step when a company joins’s company board is for us to get to know them inside and out, discovering what makes them unique so we can best connect them with the talent they need to complete their teams.

With the annual NET/WORK Philly coming up next Tuesday, we have a prime opportunity to highlight some of the interesting bits we’ve learned along the way.

Perhaps some of these will resonate with you, and hopefully this serves as a useful tool to help you make the most of your time at the event.

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Here are a few fun facts about each of the companies you’ll find along “Pro Row” next Tuesday (that’s the section right near the entrance to the exhibitor hall), but the most fun fact of all is that they’re currently hiring!

1. Azavea

This creator of geospatial data applications happens to be a certified B Corp, emphasizing its commitment to social causes.

2. Chariot Solutions

The tech consulting firm places a strong emphasis on employee growth and development, seeking engineers who agree: “If you aren’t learning, you aren’t happy.”

Side note: Chariot Solutions is sponsoring free headshots at NET/WORK Philly, so come ready for your close-up!

3. Deacom

The “Artisans of ERP Software” foster creative solutions with lots of open collaboration spaces and a philosophy of continuous improvement; but don’t expect your days to be filled with meetings. Engineers here enjoy most days of heads down building.

4. IntegriChain

IntegriChain is a life sciences commercial data and analytics company — focused exclusively after the healthcare provider writes the prescription — that helps innovative bio/pharma manufacturers identify and remove barriers to patient therapy initiation and adherence. With offices just off Suburban Station in Philly and at the Ambler Station stop, employees get their choice between easily commutable Philly to Ambler digs.

5. Linode

The Old City cloud hosting provider doesn’t just apply an open source approach to its platform, but also to its culture — feedback and support are constant, and everyone has the opportunity to contribute no matter their position. Oh yeah, and their office was once the home to MTV’sReal World Philadelphia” residents circa 2004.

6. Macquarie

The Australian financial group has offices in 27 different countries and its tech team is growing in Philadelphia.

7. Odessa

The name of this 20-year-old Center City-based software solutions company was inspired by Homer’s classic “The Odyssey.”

8. Penn Mutual

Would it surprise you to learn that a company founded in 1847 is using cutting-edge technology? Imagine all that can be discovered through 172 years of data …

9. Perpay

The midtown village fintech company starts every week with a Monday morning meeting where employees share a bit about their weekend and life outside the office. An in-office pro barista bar keeps them moving throughout the week.

10. Pinnacle 21

The data standardization company pays for employees to attend one conference a year in order to encourage growth and development. They also have a life size chess board on their office grounds — NBD.

11. Promptworks

The Philadelphia-based software development company recently added an office in Austin and will be expanding to a larger Philly office soon.

12. Vanguard

The iconic investment firm runs a technology leadership program for employees — a two-year program with three rotations and two capstones, specifically geared towards recent graduates who want to develop their technical expertise within the business world. Want to learn while you earn?

13. WebLinc

The ecommerce company housed across two buildings in Old City has a buddy system that pairs fresh hires with other employees to quickly get acclimated to the organization.

Find your dream job. RSVP for NET/WORK Philly 

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