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Philadelphia, PA
Founded in 1994
Status: Active

How WebLinc's 'buddy system' works for new hires

If there’s one street in Philadelphia that inspires creativity and collaboration, it’s N3rd Street in Old City. Home to two out of three WebLinc offices and former property owner Ben Franklin himself, it’s become an industrial campus linking the ecommerce shop to the heart of Philly’s tech community.

WebLinc is growing. On average, WebLinc has three to six open job opportunities each quarter, but maintaining the unique company culture is a top priority. A new buddy system pairs fresh hires with other employees to quickly get acclimated to the organization (and to ensure they don’t get lost in the multitude of Old City lunch options). Bike commuters are a big group at WebLinc; less than nine of its 130 employees in Philadelphia drive to work. When employees do decide to hop in the car, it’s usually to bring their four-legged — sometimes three-legged — friends to work.

There’s also a universal understanding at WebLinc that if you’re looking for something to do after work, there’s likely someone ready to join. You can find staff redeeming discounted perks at the area’s unofficial tech cafeteria, National Mechanics — dubbed WebLinc’s “fourth office” downstairs. It’s used for both business (meetings and interviews sometimes happen here) and pleasure (a round of Quizzo and happy hour, anyone?). Not interested in bar hangs? Join an organized craft night or axe throwing team (yes, that’s a real thing).

As its headcount steadily grows, WebLinc remains a loyal partner to its staff and retail clients. Good partnerships are a must. Each new client gets a dedicated implementation team, and team leads develop that relationship based on open communication and collaboration. Everyone knows their impact on the thriving business, is aware of how the company is performing and enjoys themselves along the way.

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Culture Checklist

What’s the interview process like?

A phone screen interview and a team-based in-person meeting are standard.

What’s the office atmosphere like?

Casual, extended family feel. Open floor plans allow for frequent collaboration, and your team sits within arm’s reach (unless they’re working from home that day). When you need a quiet space, there are dedicated areas in each of the buildings for that too. There are pink and silver walls on some floors, exposed brick on others, and dry erase board walls all over the place. Sporting fancy clothes isn’t a daily thing.

What’s the team structure at WebLinc?

It varies by department, but teams are usually four to five people, and each office floor hosts different teams. You can find the QA, Product and Office Management teams in the 22 South property (Mechanics building). Visual Design, User Experience, Client Success and Facilities are situated in 12 North, and WebLinc’s nine Delivery teams work across the two. WebLinc’s newest property at 100 Market, houses the IT & Hosting, Sales, Marketing, Partner Channels, People Operations, Legal, Accounting, Construction and Executive teams.

How many projects can I expect to work on an average day?

This depends on the team, but if you’re on an implementation team you can expect to interact with 2-5 client projects on a given day. Tasks are often split between legacy clients and new builds. The User Experience and creative teams at WebLinc are a shared resource in the company, whereas implementation teams usually include a project manager, a lead backend developer, a front-end developer and two support developers. Notable projects have included launching ecommerce sites for Sanrio/Hello Kitty, Century 21 Department Stores, Costume SuperCenter and many more.

Any WebLinc traditions?

Definitely the infamous WebLinc Day, which we encourage you to ask us about. Our legendary office Holiday Party is for employees, family, friends, clients, partners and anyone else who helped us get to where we are now. At last year’s employee party, an entire floor at our headquarters was cleared out and turned into an inflatable jousting tournament.

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