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Senior Business Analyst, Implementations

Odessa | Philadelphia, PA - Center City | UX / Design

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The Senior Business Analyst will assume a lead role on client engagements; primarily serve as a LeaseWave Subject Matter Expert, and secondarily as a business process expert. The position is responsible for independently describing and demonstrating processes within the software application, as well as an ability to translate a client process description into actions to be taken within the context of the application. This includes the responsibility for creating new and updating existing product documentation and explaining proposed designs to both developers and client end-users. The Senior Business Analyst will be client-facing and able to devise and consider multiple solutions for given client requirements.

Core Responsibilities

  • Assistance with the facilitation of requirements reviews/design discussions/testing sessions with user teams
  • Drafts logical and user-relevant business cases in order to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the business needs
  • Easily map a business process based on a user’s description
  • Considers usability as a decision-making point when considering multiple design options
  • Devise multiple solutions for a given business challenge
  • Leads testing efforts, ensuring issues are identified and reported
  • Understands project structure and adheres to project standards
  • Performs user application training that is specific to the business cases provided and discussed during the requirements phase
  • Serves as a conduit between the customer community (internal and external customers) and the software development team through which requirements flow
  • Accurately prepares written business correspondence that is coherent, grammatically correct, effective, professional and engaging
  • Reviews and edits requirements, specifications, business processes and recommendations related to proposed solution
  • Develops accurate and complete test plans
  • Understands and describes processes within the business domain
  • Documents and analyzes required information and data arising from business discussions
  • Demonstrates business understanding by describing reasoning behind a feature from a business perspective
  • Understands basic client/server and database architectures
  • Effectively collaborates with developers in order establish a technical approach for a given feature or set of features
  • Possesses a basic understanding of database design and can independently add/update data models for the purpose of describing design concepts
  • Analyze and breakdown client business models to recommend how best to leverage products and industry best practices
  • Design changes and enhancements to company’s products to meet client business models
  • Produce detailed software design documentation
  • Manage client expectations, from both a PR and a technical standpoint
  • Identify and execute opportunities to generate revenue

Experience & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics / Business Management /Business Administration or similar preferred but not required
  • 5-or-so years of experience in similar client facing role(s)
  • Ability to travel approximately 20-30% for various client activities including participation in sales meetings, detailing understanding of client’s business-models and requirements, providing training, or performing other follow-ups
  • Solid understanding of Financial / Managerial accounting
  • Experience with user training on software platforms
  • Experience with SDLC
  • Experience writing/executing user test cases
  • Extensive understanding of software requirements and design process documentation

Candidates who fit especially well will have:

  • General knowledge of the regulatory dynamics (such as accounting change) of the leasing industry
  • Understand the technical and financial (mainly lease) accounting aspects of the company’s products, and accurately apply those concepts to the client’s business model
  • Understanding of entire product-development and life-cycle for each client installation
  • Bilingual/multilingual

Skills & Competencies

  • Strong entrepreneurial attitude and ability to work in a challenging and rigorous environment
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work through complex user scenarios and software design challenges
  • Demonstrated client relationship management
  • Ability to resolve/diffuse conflict and be comfortable in tense situations
  • Ability to lead requirements sessions, user interviews, process discussions
  • Ability to multi-task effectively and manage conflicting priorities and deadlines


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What’s the interview process like?

The interview process will likely vary from position to position, and will continue to evolve in order to reflect our efforts to use research-backed interview processes. That said, all interviews will consist of at least 3 major steps. The first step is a preliminary interview with someone in HR to get to know you and see if you’re a good fit for the company. For the second interview, you meet with the direct manager, who will test you in your core skills and technical knowledge. The final interview is with the company CEO and goes deeper (and the questions may catch you off guard, but that’s the point - to see how you react to challenges on the spot). Once all three interviews are complete, each of the interviewers has a final say in whether or not you get hired.

How would you describe the people at Odessa?

Ask anyone around their offices and they’ll tell you - one of the best things about Odessa is the people. They are very supportive and you know you can get the help that you need from the people around you, whether it’s here in the Philly office or in Bangalore. Everyone is incredibly friendly, incredibly helpful, and they’re always ready to jump in to help. There isn’t a member of the Philadelphia office that doesn’t have that sort of attitude.

Why do companies want to work with Odessa?

It’s really about being customer centric. Everything we do and the way we’ve grown organically has been to meet the need ahead of the customer, sometimes before they even realize that they have the need.  But it is really about the journey, enjoying the process, and always searching for ways to enrich everything we’re doing as we grow.

What kinds of social events happen in and out of the office?

We do Phillies games every year, and if there are clients or prospects in town we invite them too, which is a ton of fun. We’ve always made it a point to do group lunches every Friday, from the time when there were just eight of us to today. Our people travel a lot, but we try to support teams being back in the office for Friday because it’s important we have that face time and get to sit and have lunch together. Then there’s a tradition which we now call our Fall Fest. Our CEO is an amazing cook and prepares a delicious meal for all of us – all 60+ people – for the fest. We bring our kids decked out in Halloween costumes and take them trick-or-treating around the office. We’re a very open office, and very family friendly - we want to celebrate our people for their whole selves, not just the jobs we do.

How does Odessa give back?

In 2018 Odessa joined the corporate philanthropy initiative Pledge 1% to give 1% of our time, 1% of our profit, and 1% of our product to charitable causes. We also launched the Odessa Foundation in parallel to reinforce our commitment to philanthropic giving and hopefully better connect into our communities. We just partnered with a group called Coded by Kids, and in our partner program with them this year our employees can volunteer and we’re going to support CTRL+SHIFT, their big event. We look forward to deepening our involvement in initiatives like these in Philadelphia and beyond.

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