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After 15 years of journalism about technology and entrepreneurship, we've seen the best (and the worst) of tech vendors, service providers and other resources and programs. Here, we're gathering who you should know across our markets — those we’ve vetted and that support our journalism.

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Find our preferred partners according to category. Each vendor has been vetted, is active in our local markets and contributes to our independent newsroom (through either a client relationship or referral agreement). Fill out the form below to be connected to the right contact at each service provider listed.

Coworking Space

  • Indy Hall*
  • The Mill*
  • InnovatePGH*
  • Mindspace

Law Firm

  • NEXT powered by Shulman Rogers
  • Ballard Spahr
  • Morgan Lewis

Career Advancement

  • University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship
  • Zip Code Wilmington

Software Development

  • Curotec*
  • Arcweb Technologies

Office/Property Tech

  • Rittenhouse Communications Group


  • HeadStart*

ERP Software

  • NetSuite*

Content Marketing

  • Scribewise*

Data Services

  • Boxplot Analytics*

Talent Recruitment

  • Jane Hires*

Commercial Banking

  • J.P. Morgan Chase Startup Banking

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BONUS: When you leverage to connect with our Preferred Partners marked with an asterisk*, you're not just enhancing your business, but also contributing to the sustainability of's journalism. For every first-year deal refers with these partners, a portion directly supports our commitment to delivering insightful and impactful journalism. Empower your business while championing the continued growth and sustainability of the tech and innovation community through