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Mission: Deliver application and data solutions that meet the needs of both internal and external customers.


  • Develop, support, and refine new data pipelines, data models, business logic, data schema definitions, analytics, and insights to product specifications.
  • Rapidly prototype, develop, and optimize data cleansing to support current customers and new customer implementations.
  • Develop, and refine both streaming and batch processing data pipeline frameworks.
  • Works on complex, major or highly visible tasks and projects as a project team member, sometimes as a project lead.
  • Maintain, improve, and develop expertise in existing production data, models, and algorithms.
  • Integrate external data sources and services with internal infrastructures, frameworks, and visualization tools.
  • Identifies project tasks and leads or assists with project timeline estimations.
  • Leverages understanding of business data domain and detailed knowledge of underlying data sources.
  • Verifies that data access mechanisms satisfy analytics consumption needs (may include testing various approaches).
  • Defines, documents, and maintains all data definitions, data sources, business meaning and usage of information.
  • Identifies and validates opportunities to share/reuse existing data/information.
  • Works with stakeholders to gather requirements on merging, de-duping, cleansing rules and oversees the design and implementation of data cleansing procedures.
  • Leads the identification of areas affecting data integrity and coordinates corrective actions including analyzing existing data platform to identify weaknesses and develop opportunities for improvements, upgrades or replacement.
  • Provides technical guidance or system process expertise.
  • Develops reports and presentations for senior management, as needed.
  • Perform additional team responsibilities as necessary, such as contributing to development of the data warehouse and curating data for the Data Science department.
  • Research data processing, machine learning, and analysis best practices.



  • Bachelor’s degree with background in engineering or Science
  • 3+ years data modeling experience across disparate and complex data sets.
  • 3+ years programming experience, with production experience in either Scala or Python.
  • 3+ years in SQL, data integration, data modeling, data architecture, performance tuning and ETL schedulers
  • 1+ years experience developing in modern, industry standard big data frameworks on AWS, such as, Spark, Redshift, Elastic Map, ReducE, Hive
  • Experience with common GitHub developer practices and paradigms.
  • Knowledge of physical database design and data structures
  • Knowledge of Tableau, Spotfire or Qlikview a plus
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How would you describe IntegriChain’s culture?

IntegriChain is the best kind of data analytics tech company. It has that fun, flexible feeling, but it’s also successful enough to  offer employees benefits beyond standard medical benefits. Think: A fully stocked beer fridge along with work from home options. IntegriChain has structured professional development through standardized MBO goals brought to employees by the HR department. On top of that, full time employees can enjoy  student loan reimbursement--all with the confidence of a powerhouse Silicon Valley private equity group.

“You can have culture where you have a ping pong table, or you can have culture where employees feel valued and they feel like they are being treated fairly,” says Jennifer Fernandez, Human Resources Manager. IntegriChain, it seems, has managed to do both.

What are the company’s hiring needs?

With many open positions, the company is hiring all over, from software engineering and data analytics roles to marketing and operations, and IntegriChain doesn’t plan on slowing down their hiring anytime soon.

“At this stage, we are really recruiting for every department,” says Caroline McDonough, Human Resources Business Partner. “[It speaks to] how fast we are growing and how much we are hiring.” Many of the company’s recent hires were internal promotions, placed in new jobs that matched their talents and ambitions. Putting it simply: this company is rapidly growing.

What are some of the defining/unique characteristics of the office?

IntegriChain’s offices are an open collaborative space where senior executives and employees sit intermixed together on the floor. The company boasts an “open-desk” policy for everyone, which further emphasizes the sense of collaboration from top to bottom.

What new projects has the IntegriChain team been working on?

IntegriChain recently launched a new data and analytics offering called Speciality Analytics, which provides insights to specialty pharmaceutical companies so they can make better business decisions for patients. These data sets then help the companies get a drug to a patient more easily, with fewer hurdles, especially critical, for example, for life-saving medication for someone battling cancer.

In the aftermath of natural disasters like the historic flooding in Houston, wildfires in California, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, and any likely oncoming blizzards this winter, the team is in the midst of designing a new natural disaster solution set (basically, a set of useful data and analytics derived from that data). This data report will help pharmaceutical manufacturers get medications to patients in areas hit by natural disasters where pharmacies might be closed and the supply chain disrupted.

How do you support an emphasis on pairing employees with engaging products from a corporate level?

The open-concept seating arrangement, where data analysts and software engineers sit next to C-level excess, helps foster a sense of collaboration and an organic workflow. It makes diverse conversation, teamwork, and problem solving a part of every work day.

Additionally, managers at IntegriChain pay attention to what staffers are interested in, as these areas are usually where they excel. Matching talent and experience helps company execs ensure that employees are assigned to projects that truly interest them.

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