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Senior Software Engineer

Pinnacle 21 | Blue Bell, PA | Dev / Eng

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Our Software Engineers produce rich, modern user interfaces that help to stand out as the most innovative software company in our space as well as the backend components that drive it’s performance and availability. You should desire to part of a growing agile team that is responsible for designing, developing, testing, maintaining, and improving their projects. You will be encouraged to exceed expectations, which is a requirement to succeed in a small team that is constantly working on new challenges. You will not be limited to the front or back-end and will be given plenty of opportunities to learn and contribute on the full stack.

Currently hiring for multiple positions!



Specific job requirements include, but not limited to:

  • 4+ years of professional experience writing Java
  • 2+ years of professional experience writing client-side Javascript
  • Have experience in at least one other general-purpose programming language including but not limited to: .NET, Scala, Python, etc
  • Have the ability to create a web app from scratch
  • Have experience using version control (preferably Git)
  • Have an understanding of HTTP
  • Be able to provide examples of previous work you are proud of
  • Be able to get things done the best way, not the easiest
  • Be passionate about software development


  • Have full stack experience using an MVC framework
  • Have experience writing single page applications (we use React but Angular and Vue are cool too)
  • Have a strong understanding of web design and user experience
  • Have experience writing efficient SQL queries
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What are the benefits of working at a small company like Pinnacle 21?

There’s incredible impact to be made. Anyone coming in will be able to get their hands on a lot very quickly and represent their own piece of the pie here. You can count on having true ownership of the work.

Being a small company, we’re very malleable. At our current stage, any engineers coming in will be able to accelerate what we’re doing and how quickly we’ll be able to take the next steps. We have a very aggressive product roadmap and the only thing we need now is that next wave of talent.

What does Pinnacle 21 look for in prospective employees?

We look for people who are autonomous, resourceful, and scrappy. We’re driven by speed and efficiency. We want to make sure the job is getting done in the quickest and most effective manner. But we don’t work fast and just let quality go out the window. We work smarter, not harder.

What kind of tech skills do you expect candidates to have?

For Full-Stack Engineers: Java, JS, Play Framework, ReactJS, Redux, Postgres, AWS, and experience in Agile

How does Pinnacle 21 invest in employee growth and learning?

We encourage professional growth in a number of ways. We will always support you through educational opportunities, growth and mentorship. There’s also no shortage of challenging projects that will further your career.

We offer employees the opportunity to go to one conference a year, on us. We also encourage our people to take professional training courses on behalf of the company.

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