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Who We Are

Perpay, a leading technology start-up in Philadelphia, is a FinTech company focused on bringing healthier credit options to consumers. We combine lending and payments into an e-commerce platform that challenges the typical channels of credit. We strive to solve a complex problem – the lack of affordable and accessible credit – as efficiently as possible, because we believe that everyone should have the ability to build a healthy financial life. Located in a loft-style office at the heart of Midtown Village, Philadelphia, Perpay represents a space for creative and collaborative problem-solving.


Position Overview

We are searching for a Data Engineer who is a quantitative, critical thinker with a passion for data and the capacity to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment. We are looking for an individual who desires experience in serving data-driven solutions at scale, crossing multiple functional areas and driving organizational efficiency. Applicants should be highly motivated and comfortable with taking on and adapting to a diverse array of subject matter. This opportunity is both unique and pivotal, as it provides the chance to contribute greatly to a rapidly-growing team.


Initial Responsibilities

  • Analyze and resolve complex challenges around data and tools. Optimize analytical workflows by identifying opportunities and automating them
  • Implement solutions to bring together application data generated by distributed systems, third-party data, and real-time user data needed to make key business decisions
  • Work within the Data Science team to serve machine learning solutions at scale
  • Work on projects of growing responsibility, both individually and as part of a team, to build experience and skills at a pace matched to your shown ability
  • Learn more about the industry and Perpay, establishing a solid foundation to be better positioned for long-term career success


Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a quantitative/technical field (Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering)
  • Working knowledge of data design, architecture and warehousing
  • Understanding of  data management fundamentals and data storage principles
  • Knowledge of distributed systems as it pertains to data storage and cloud computing
  • Understanding and administration of AWS, Docker and Linux-based systems
  • Experience in custom ETL design, implementation and maintenance
  • Experience in large scale data processing using traditional and distributed systems like Hadoop, Spark, Dataflow, and Airflow.
  • Strong working knowledge of SQL/NoSQL, relational databases and Python is required (2+ years experience)


Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge and practical experience in machine learning and AI fundamentals
  • Experience implementing machine learning solutions at scale
  • Experience working with both Batch and Real Time data processing systems
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively with stakeholders.
  • Effective project management, problem solving, analytical and troubleshooting skills.



    • Opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing financial startups
    • Competitive salary + equity
    • Health/dental/vision insurance + 401K
    • Gym + public transportation subsidy
    • Relocation assistance
    • Centrally located in downtown Philadelphia


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How has Perpay approached growing its team?

They’ve kind of stayed under the radar for awhile; they didn’t want to be advertising something they hadn’t really done yet. For the last year, they’ve proven out their hypothesis that they could help people improve their creditworthiness. Now they can scale, and they need a strong team to do that.

Many of Perpay’s team members have come via referrals. How are they changing their recruiting strategy?

By looking beyond their network. They knew they couldn’t hire within forever, especially when it comes to engineers. Perpay’s leveraged their sprouting network to help them get off the ground. It was an advantage to get up and running quickly; now they’re looking to find that same sort of mold in people outside of the company.

How does the team get through challenges?

They believe success is the product of a lot of small decisions. Their successes don’t happen by accident; one of the drivers is a lot of camaraderie. Instead of pointing fingers in times of adversity, the team turns to looking out for each other and building relationships.

What qualities does Perpay look for in technical candidates?

It depends on the role and the individual. They prefer get a feel for individual candidates and then determine whether they’re a fit. From a technical standpoint, they’re looking for people who are smart and want to get things done. With an endless stream of problems to to solve, people who are ready to deliver on day one are critical.

How about candidates overall?

Leadership skills are key. They value the ability to learn and teach and the willingness to sacrifice some of your own output to improve somebody else’s output. The Perpay team believes they produce the best work when they’re all growing and helping each other improve.

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