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Culture Checklist

How has Perpay approached growing its team?

They’ve kind of stayed under the radar for awhile; they didn’t want to be advertising something they hadn’t really done yet. For the last year, they’ve proven out their hypothesis that they could help people improve their creditworthiness. Now they can scale, and they need a strong team to do that.

Many of Perpay’s team members have come via referrals. How are they changing their recruiting strategy?

By looking beyond their network. They knew they couldn’t hire within forever, especially when it comes to engineers. Perpay’s leveraged their sprouting network to help them get off the ground. It was an advantage to get up and running quickly; now they’re looking to find that same sort of mold in people outside of the company.

How does the team get through challenges?

They believe success is the product of a lot of small decisions. Their successes don’t happen by accident; one of the drivers is a lot of camaraderie. Instead of pointing fingers in times of adversity, the team turns to looking out for each other and building relationships.

What qualities does Perpay look for in technical candidates?

It depends on the role and the individual. They prefer get a feel for individual candidates and then determine whether they’re a fit. From a technical standpoint, they’re looking for people who are smart and want to get things done. With an endless stream of problems to to solve, people who are ready to deliver on day one are critical.

How about candidates overall?

Leadership skills are key. They value the ability to learn and teach and the willingness to sacrifice some of your own output to improve somebody else’s output. The Perpay team believes they produce the best work when they’re all growing and helping each other improve.

Inside Perpay's culture

Take a look around the Perpay office, and you’ll notice it’s a space for people who get stuff done and who want to enjoy doing it. Eight floors above 13th and Sansom sits an office with a gorgeous conference room disguised as a lounge, huge monitors displaying code and an epic coffee setup that includes a Kyoto-style cold brew tower. There’s at least one dog roaming the office on any given day, and music like The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” plays in the background.

Perpay’s team has been hard at work recently, validating their product and building out their initial team. The fintech company, recently voted Philadelphia’s Best Technology Startup, takes the microlending concept that became popular in the nonprofit world and applies it to consumer spending. With Perpay, users don’t necessarily need to have a strong credit score to get financing for big purchases, like a new computer or a nice couch. Instead, Perpay takes a holistic approach toward assessing an individual’s cash flow, then arranges a payment plan that fits a healthy budget through the user’s direct deposit system. Payments are fully automated so there’s no need log on and pay.

Perpay prides themselves on extracurriculars that bring the team together - think cage match chef battles at Alla Spina or spirits and strikes in Harp and Crown’s Elbow Lane. It’s a part of their determination to build a team that feels more like a family, where everyone has each other’s backs and celebrates together. Beyond the big events, employees often spend time together outside of work attending concerts, trying new restaurants, or playing on the company soccer team. They take the personal side seriously and value the relationships they build with one another.

In fact, relationships have been the key to building Perpay’s team; nearly every employee has joined via referrals or personal connections. Now, they’re looking to expand their network and bring on talented team members as they scale.

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Inside Perpay's Biddle Building office

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