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[You’re probably more interested in looking at the technology before really considering us right? Take a minute to learn more about our platform Here. Then come back and check the rest out.]

WebLinc – a commerce platform and services provider in Old City Philadelphia – is looking for a Senior Ruby on Rails developer to join our client-services development team. Candidates we expect to be a culture fit are pragmatic, community involved, and fanatical about learning new things. You will be working alongside some of the smartest, knowledge-hungry people in the industry. In addition to working with great people, we’re proud to work with some amazing clients.

**This position is full time; remote work will be considered, but contract or freelance opportunities are not available at this time.



  • 2+ years of experience (exceptions will be made for especially amazing code samples with less lengthy resumes)
  • Git expertise
  • Test Driven Development
  • Object oriented design
  • Experience developing large-scale web applications
  • Ability to lead development efforts


Bonus (Potential leads should have a few of these):

  • Ruby gem creation/maintenance
  • Ruby Meta-programming
  • NoSQL (MongoDB preferred)
  • Search products (ElasticSearch preferred)
  • Pub/Sub (Sidekiq preferred)
  • Key Value Databases (Redis preferred)
  • Commerce platforms
  • Functional programming style in Ruby
  • DevOps/deployment experience
  • Client facing experience is a major plus, but communication skills in general are a must.


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What’s the interview process like?

A phone screen interview and a team-based in-person meeting are standard. Members of the broader team are involved in the interview process, and they don’t feel the need to drag things out. You’ll find out if it’s a good fit pretty quickly.

What’s the office atmosphere like?

Casual, extended family feel. Open floor plans allow for frequent collaboration, and your team sits within arm’s reach (unless they’re working from home that day). When you need a quiet space, there are dedicated areas in each of the buildings for that too. There are pink and silver walls on some floors, exposed brick on others, and dry erase board walls all over the place. Sporting fancy clothes isn’t a daily thing.

What’s the team structure at WebLinc?

WebLinc’s Delivery Program manages the implementation of Workarea for many of its customers and also supports partners in those efforts. The Philly team is focused on building awesome products, getting Workarea in front of retailers and industry leaders and has the support of a full team dedicated to WebLinc’s organizational operations.

Team structure varies depending on the team’s purpose. Each team will always have a leader/manager and peers to collaborate with, and all employees are encouraged to feel confident in their decision making, be creative in finding solutions and know that they are supported.

How do WebLinc employees get involved in the community?

There are numerous community engagement opportunities available, such as the work being done with refugee communities, in partnership with the Nationality Service Center, pairing refugees with entry level jobs in tech. And Weblinc employees don’t have to use their PTO time to do volunteer work, a special provision was put in place adding volunteer time as a separate time-off category.

Even within the local tech community, there has been a chance for the company to give back. Recently a devastating fire destroyed a nearby building in Old City and displaced residents, including web-design company The 215 Guys. After hearing about the fire, Weblinc provided the company with free office space until it could get back on its feet.

Any special WebLinc traditions?

Definitely the infamous WebLinc Day (which staffers encourage you to ask more about) and the annual Holiday Party. The legendary office Holiday Party is for employees, family, friends, clients, partners and anyone else who helped get WebLinc to where it is now. At last year’s WebLinc Day (which is the day after the Holiday Party), an entire floor at the headquarters was cleared out and turned into an inflatable jousting tournament.

Any fun events for new hires?

At WebLinc’s all-company Friday meetings, new hires are asked to make a five-minute presentation to introduce themselves to the larger team and help break the ice. Teammates share about their background, what brought them to WebLinc, favorite music, hobbies, family, pets and more. People get creative with the challenge — some make it a game, some share personal projects. Being split over three locations, it gives teammates a chance to put a name to a face and really get to know each other.

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