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This Week in Jobs: Catch one of these 27 open tech roles on your tongue

Every opportunity is unique as a flurry.


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You’ve got to hand it to snowflakes. By the time those frosty flurries reach the ground, they’ve been through miles of atmosphere, weather and moisture. While to the naked eye these pieces of ice may look the same, each is ever so slightly different. That’s because as snowflakes float through the sky, water vapor gloms on, creating different crystal structures on each flake.

It’s not unlike job candidates, each formed by their own experiences into a unique applicant. How can you highlight those differences?

Now, catch these opportunities seemingly falling from the sky.

The News

2021 was a record year for raising funds. Check out some of last year’s biggest deals in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Philly and the DC area.

After two layoffs, Wayne Stewart took job stability into his own hands. Learn how the founder and CEO of Stewart Design Agency got where he is today.

In our latest live Slack interview, six members of the Delaware Data Innovation Lab tackled data science, storytelling, and how numbers can empower change for the better.


When Alexa Sarkuni started searching for a career pivot, she found it right next door — literally. Learn how this IT operations manager moved from a nonprofit to the fast-paced culture at Crossbeam. (Psst: This remote-first startup is hiring.)

Here’s a look at how VR could usher in the next generation of robotics manufacturing careers.

The Jobs

Want to work with us? Technically Media has multiple openings currently, including an Editor and Editorial Director, as well as a Reporter (via Report for America) to cover the news in Philly’s rapidly changing tech economy.





The End

That’s all we’ve got for you this week. Stay warm, and we’ll see you back here soon.

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