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Sr. Data Scientist (Remote) Philadelphia, PA or Santa Monica, CA

Inspire |  Philadelphia, PA or Santa Monica, CA | Data Science

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As a Senior Data Scientist on Inspire’s Data Platforms and Services team, you will use modeling and statistical tools to define, deploy, maintain and improve the use of forecasting and algorithmic learning to drive business objectives and optimize operations. We take a product-driven, agile approach to our platform, driving measurable growth and meaningful outcomes every single sprint. We build efficient, scalable processes in a service-oriented ecosystem leveraging powerful code frameworks and repeatable patterns to solve real problems for stakeholders and customers.


  1. Apply state-of-the-art machine learning and predictive modeling techniques to provide a deeper understanding of customers, and develop and improve the accuracy of our energy and gas forecasts
  2. Build processes by which we monitor performance of our forecasting services over time
  3. Develop, improve, and extend the implementation and architecture of our forecasting services
  4. Communicate modeling and engineering progress to stakeholders and partners to drive impact and facilitate decision making


  • Develop an energy load forecast service with interval meter data
  • Develop a natural gas forecast service
  • Improve the accuracy of our short and long-term energy load forecast services
  • Improve the configurability and robustness of our forecast services
  • Implement input and output data monitoring of our load forecasts


  • Conducted experiments to demonstrate forecast development and iterative improvement
  • Communicated improvements to stakeholders
  • Developed monitoring solutions for input data and forecast outputs
  • Developed technical project plans and delivered results


  • Technical competency – comfort on a command line, a good grasp on the fundamentals of programming, familiarity with Git/source control, in-depth knowledge of domain-specific tools and frameworks
  • Statistical competency – able to navigate and apply statistical frameworks for measuring confidence and predictive power. Aware of how assumptions may be violated or models over-fit, able to caveat findings with technical limitations and common sense.
  • Results-orientation – resists the urge to get caught up in a great idea, emphasizes testing, and aims for measured outcomes that align with business value.
  • Problem-solving mentality – gets excited about digging into complexity, wants to ask questions and learn more, and isn’t put off by problems they’ve never been explicitly told how to solve. Especially troubleshooting: ability to break down a chain of steps to narrow and locate a problem.
  • Big-picture awareness – Understanding of the importance of context, and ability/willingness to understand the business problem in addition to the technical one. Focus on people & impact. Identify shortcuts & justify appropriate level-of-effort. Pre-emptive identification of potential issues downstream.


  • Must Have
    • 5-8 years of experience applying machine learning and statistical knowledge to drive business value
    • 5+ years of Python experience
    • 5+ years of experience using SQL to query large datasets
    • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to deliver complicated findings and explain technical approaches to a variety of audiences
    • Fluency with data visualization to communicate complex topics in approachable ways
  • Nice to Have
    • Experience developing energy load forecasting models using interval meter data, preferably in ERCOT
    • Experience developing natural gas forecasting models
    • Experience with data engineering frameworks: Apache Airflow, dbt, MLFlow, Apache Spark, AWS services, Docker, Kubernetes
    • Experience with machine learning frameworks: scikit-learn, Light GBM, XGBoost, lifelines, pytorch, Tensorflow/Keras
    • Software development lifecycle experience in GitHub (ie environment management, testing, deployment)
    • Experience at a similar scale of data processing (Multi-TB/billions of rows)
    • Work with real-time event stream data
    • Contextual work in the energy industry
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What makes Inspire an exciting place to work?

We are constantly working towards something bigger than ourselves. Our mission is what inspires and connects us. But we're also raising awareness for customers that they have choices when it comes to choosing an energy source.

Roughly 20% of your overall carbon emissions come from your home — which is huge. You can eliminate that 20% from your carbon footprint simply by deciding to go with Inspire.

Through data, we empower customers by informing them of their choices and giving them an option to positively impact the environment.


What’s unique about working on Inspire’s tech team?

Between Philly and Santa Monica, we have about 60 people on our tech team. Being small, we’re able to bond and work together closely. Everyone across the entire team has a hand in creating something for customers. No one group comes up with ideas or roadmaps and presents them to the rest of the group; we collectively decide what we should be working on and how we can work towards bringing Inspire’s overall mission to life.

We’ve created a very supportive and uplifting subculture. It’s not just about social events; it’s about asking, “How can we grow together? How can we work better together?”


How has Inspire has worked to improve employee work/life balance during the pandemic?

Due to the always-on nature of working from home during quarantine, we found that people had started working more hours and taking less PTO. Even when we told people to take time off, they still seemed to check in and contribute. We established “bonus days,” where every other Friday is off for the entire company. That way, no one is working, employees don’t feel that they are missing anything, and everyone can truly relax and recharge.


What qualities make someone a promising job candidate at Inspire?

Everyone at Inspire is driven by the mission to expand access to clean energy and work toward a zero-net carbon future. So we look for candidates who have that same passion for taking care of our earth. We’re a company of team players who collaborate closely, always ready to hop on Zoom to solve problems as a team.

From a tech perspective, we want talented engineers of all levels, but we are also looking for people who also think deeply about the Inspire user and build features and solutions that work for them. People who are interested in their careers and helping grow the careers of those they work with share knowledge and level up their skill sets.

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