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In the mid 2000s, three young journalists noticed a sweeping shift in the Mid-Atlantic’s local economies. Tech work was the fastest growing segment of emerging creative economies, but reliable coverage of that change was yet another story lost to newsroom disruption.

Together they founded Technically Media in 2009 — an independent digital media company that uses journalism to grow and serve local communities of tech professionals.

Over a decade later, community remains at the heart of Technically Media’s mission. It has become a trusted voice in the region, not only because of its specialized coverage, but for helping people build valuable connections and navigate their careers through economic change.

Technically Media serves its communities in three essential ways. Through its editorial content on, which features daily reporting in Delaware, Baltimore, D.C., Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia (where it also publishes social impact site Generocity), it delivers rich storytelling about changes in the local economy, and the people and organizations making an impact. Its events convene a wide swath of tech professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators, enabling them to expand their networks and explore new opportunities. Its employer branding platform offers hiring companies the tools and services to showcase their culture and recruit new talent among an engaged readership of tech professionals.

Technically Media’s unique business model and active community has made it a small but mighty force in the local news landscape. Diverse in background and perspective, each member of the 20-person team is self-driven and single-minded in their pursuit to serve the community. Bootstrapping its own growth, the Technically Media team spends much of its time listening — to sources, readers, clients, prospects and hundreds of others who are changing how work happens in their communities. Team members report that their team thrives on collaboration of thought and equality of contribution from each team member. Ideas are shared freely, answers questioned regularly, and every day is a chance to try something new.

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Culture Q&A

What are the qualities Technically Media looks for in job candidates?

Everyone at Technically has a healthy degree of self-determination and curiosity. We look for people who go beyond meeting goals and deadlines to take ownership over their work, who are willing to throw themselves into new situations and to embrace their role as a leader in the tech community. 

Everything we do starts and ends with our community. We are listening as closely as we can to find problems we can solve. We're looking for teammates who are thrilled by this level of service, and who happen to like our tools of storytelling and convening for career and business opportunities. We're also a team of creative and interesting people, so we're always looking for someone who is a fun add to a meeting.


What does professional growth and development look like at Technically Media?

Our daily editorial and regular professional development events are central to our work. Our community of professionals are a source of peer-to-peer learning, and this has led to formal professional development, as well. We've put several teammates through unconscious bias training, leadership programs and role-specific cohorts.

When we hire people, we recognize that they are smart folks who can figure stuff out. For instance, we are always working hard to reach our goals, cover our communities and hit key business metrics, but there is a lot of room for people to tackle those things in the way they feel is most strategic or compelling. We put a lot of trust in our people. 


What is it like to work on the Technically Media team?

Our culture is one of respect, transparency, collaboration and continuous learning. We like to have fun and spend time together, but there is no office drama or nonsense. We take teamwork seriously, whether that’s everyone staying late to break down an event or helping brainstorm new ideas for content. Everyone on the team is given an equal voice and plays a big role in helping determine the direction of the company. Anyone can bring creative ideas to the table and know those ideas will be heard and considered. 

There is also a great deal of respect for work/life balance. CEO Chris Wink often says, “We are not a family. We are a team.” It’s his way of saying, this is a place of business and at the end of the day you can enjoy being home with the people you love. 


You report often on diversity in the tech industry, but do you walk the walk?

We believe our staff should represent the communities we serve. Currently, our team is majority people of color and 47% women. 

We also take pride in having had very real and very important conversations on what it means to be a welcoming place for people of different ages, for people who approach mental health differently and who simply work differently, too. We’ve never slapped a DEI banner up and called it a day. Diversity is a constant process, not a destination.


Do I have to be a tech expert to work for Technically Media?

Expert? No. But depending on your role, you may need some level of tech savvy. If you are a lead reporter, you’ll be expected to have or to acquire enough knowledge about technology business to do the job. Our product team owns, uses and builds upon our tech stack, but if you work in business development, marketing or operations, it’s more important that you know how to solve problems for a community than that you know what Kubernetes is. There is plenty of room to learn on the job.

At our core, what we’re doing at Technically Media is growing and engaging a community of professionals with stories to understand a complex world. It’s less about the technical jargon, and more about the people using technology to impact the community around them.

Here are some details behind the employee experience here, including highlighted perks and benefits and notes on the tech they work with.

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