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Find these hiring companies on Pro Row at NET/WORK Philly 2020

Check out their job openings and get ready to meet their teams.

NET/WORK Philly 2019. (Photo by Dominique Nichole)
Full disclosure: All companies mentioned in this article are Talent Pro clients.

When you walk into NET/WORK Philly 2020 on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at The Fillmore, you’ll be greeted by an enormous gathering of the area’s top hiring companies. And within that large group is an even more elite cohort — the Talent Pros. These are the most active organizations in’s community, engaging with you through their articles and job posts, Culture Pages and, of course, events like NET/WORK.

We’re assembling all our exhibiting Talent Pros in one area of The Fillmore that we’re calling Pro Row, and it should be your first stop as soon as you get to the event. Each of the Talent Pros have multiple job openings across a wide array of industries and experience levels.

Read on to find out more about what’s available, and be sure to get your tickets now:

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Vanguard (Presenting Sponsor)

The technical team at Vanguard works in an agile work environment, so they work quickly and intelligently. Over the last couple of years, Vanguard has enabled a robust continuous delivery system where folks can get new feature updates into production in less than 15 minutes to begin testing in live product environments, where in years past it would take months to get something into production.


Azavea is a certified B Corp, which means it meets rigorous benchmarks for social and environmental accountability and transparency. In addition to giving back through donations and volunteering, contributing to open source projects and communities, and choosing customers with the potential for positive civic, social and environmental impact, being a B Corp is part of everyday operations. Azavea employees recycle, compost, track greenhouse gas emissions for work-related travel, and heavily utilize the company’s public transit and bicycle commuting benefits. Staying aware of environmental impact encourages employees to make responsible choices.


While employees are encouraged to build their own career paths, Burlington offers plenty of resources to explore their options within the company and find guidance through mentorship, shadowing and leadership training. Beyond work responsibilities, employees can participate in many of Burlington’s philanthropic efforts, such as the company’s “Day of Giving” events throughout the year, and as regular supporters of Burlington’s annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser.


Employees have support and guidance from the moment they’re hired. All new hires undergo a 60- to 90-day onboarding process to help ease their way into the company while getting familiar with its software. Also, each department offers defined training programs for every position. Employees can start in one role and, as their interests develop, there’s an opportunity to work their way into other sections of the company. For example, Deacom has a 15-week implementation training program. It’s a self-guided program that walks individuals through the implementation process.


For many technical roles, Guru tends to hire people with nontraditional backgrounds; musicians, history majors, people who’ve just graduated from a coding bootcamp. They like to see that candidates are creative and fit their cultural values. This is especially critical for customer-facing roles.

When we’re hiring, they want to see who is being deliberate about researching Guru. Tell them, genuinely and specifically, why you want to work at Guru.


Team members in Philadelphia have the opportunity to spend time working in Santa Monica, and vice versa. Santa Monica employees might have the luxury of working in beautiful Southern California, but Philadelphia-based staff are afforded an incredible view of City Hall from Inspire’s lofty perch across the street. All Inspire employees, however, share a passion for the environment and a perpetual thirst for learning, especially on the job. Just ask Inspire’s developers, who learned Angular 2 to build the company’s consumer technology platform.


Technologists should know that while historically Linode has been a Python shop leveraging Flask, Django, and React, a lot of its next-gen systems are built with Go and Kubernetes. On top of that, they use SaltStack for configuration management, Docker for containerization and Jenkins for continuous integration. Linode doesn’t care so much about years of experience with particular languages, frameworks, and libraries as much as passion, aptitude for learning new technologies, and eagerness to work with the best tools for each job.

Find your dream job. RSVP for NET/WORK Philly hbspt.cta.load(2084427, ‘3192c0bb-b93e-4ad3-87b5-32ffb1860b42’, {});


In Philly and NYC specifically, Macquarie engages a group of sharp, client-facing technologists to support its investment management business. The tech teams often work side-by-side with asset managers, learning about their client needs and finding innovative ways to creatively build or enhance Macquarie’s financial service offerings through technology.

Penn Mutual

Although Penn Mutual is not known for being a tech company, it’s actually been in the data biz for 172 years.

Its teams have always embraced the use of cutting edge technology to bring their products to market. Currently they’re utilizing everything from big data technology like Cassandra and Spark to Blockchain and Machine Learning. They’re constantly exploring uses for new technology to creatively improve the user experience of products and safeguard customer assets.


Perpay prides itself on extracurriculars that bring the team together — think cage match chef battles at Alla Spina or spirits and strikes in Harp and Crown’s Elbow Lane. It’s a part of their determination to build a team that feels more like a family, where everyone has each other’s backs and celebrates together. Beyond the big events, employees often spend time together outside of work attending concerts, trying new restaurants, or playing on the company soccer team. They take the personal side seriously and value the relationships they build with one another.

Pinnacle 21

With its products already in use by the FDA, and industry-wide by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, Pinnacle 21 is continuing its work to shrink the clinical trial process, as well as looking to build new products outside of its niche in standardization.

That growth calls for hiring a new wave of engineers and customer success managers who are excited to tackle revolutionary product development within the clinical trial process industry.

Power Home Remodeling

Power moves fast, ships rapidly and iterates quickly. Their teams are embedded into many different, fascinating areas of the business and solve unique, challenging problems within their proprietary software platform, NITRO.

Power is a tech powerhouse hidden inside a remodeling company, and they’re actively looking for roles such as developers and mobile web solutions architects to expand their Business Technology department.


At its core, PromptWorks specializes in turning big ideas into custom-made digital projects. Driven by a desire to see its clients succeed, the company fuses agile processes, the highest-caliber code and automated testing to put out “wildly successful,” sustainable software that clients can rely on, every time.

Of course, dangling over the cutting edge of technology requires a tight grasp on the value of employee growth and learning. For that very purpose, PromptWorks employees are given non-billable time each week to learn, create or experiment with any project that will enhance their own growth or that of the entire company.


For its primarily millennial workforce of 2,000, URBN promotes laid back vibes, a hierarchy-free organizational structure and a collaborative approach to working at the intersection of fashion and technology.

The visual elements throughout URBN’s lush campus tell the story of a company that lives and breathes the culture of its brands. Restored buildings peppered with original signage, columns and doors feature lavish, larger-than-life visual displays, bright, textured work spaces and living walls — one of the many elements of the company’s larger sustainable design strategy.

In the ever-evolving industries of fashion and tech, no two days as a technologist at URBN are the same. An active and data-rich customer base offers the tech team endless opportunities to get creative with the brands’ ecommerce experiences and customer engagement.


When taken together, these companies provide a vastly diverse set of opportunities, but even if you don’t see your dream job listed above, there are still 30+ other companies you can connect with at NET/WORK. Check out all the open roles any time on’s job board, and explore the full list of NET/WORK exhibitors and get your tickets at the event page.

And if you represent a company interested in Talent Pro, you can learn more here.

See you at NET/WORK!

Find your dream job. RSVP for NET/WORK Philly hbspt.cta.load(2084427, ‘3192c0bb-b93e-4ad3-87b5-32ffb1860b42’, {});

Companies: URBN / Burlington / Macquarie Group / Vanguard / Power Home Remodeling / Pinnacle 21 / Perpay / Inspire / Deacom / Guru Technologies / Promptworks / Linode / Azavea / Penn Mutual

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