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Meet Certara

Employees at Certara do tech work that means something. Their software enables key transitions in the pharmaceutical development pipeline (from discovering new molecules, to predictively modeling their effects on humans, to actually conducting clinical trials) and streamlines regulatory approvals for drugs and medical devices, getting new treatments to patients faster.

Since Certara develops an integrated platform (“Certara Cloud”) and also offers multiple solutions or products tied to that platform, ideas and demand abound. What the company needs is more people to execute these ideas into reality: software engineers, data standards experts and product managers (and more!: software testers, clinical SMEs in PK/PD and TFL, support specialists, customer success, quality, etc) who can develop highly reliable products in the service of medicine.

With ~2,400 customer organizations across 66 countries, Certara has a truly global footprint, and is a leader in biosimulation, model-informed drug development and (increasingly) clinical trial data standardization and workflow automation.

Of Certara’s ~1,400 employees (430 of whom have Ph.D.s, Pharm.D.s, or M.D.s), and a track record of successfully acquiring 20+ complementary companies in the life sciences space, the team is large and growing. The company has proven a draw for technologists who prefer autonomy and thrive on the challenge of doing application development in a highly specialized scientific domain.  From what we heard in interviews with employees, it’s clear why. Certara, and its subsidiaries including Philly originals: Clingenuity, Synchrogenix, GlobalSubmit, and most recently Pinnacle 21, have made the list of Best Small & Medium Workplaces™ by Fortune and Great Place to Work®.

Certara respects the professionals who work there and recognizes their worth beyond the office walls. Generous PTO, flexibility when “life happens,” subsidized healthcare for the family, one-on-one career coaching — all stem from the company values. A brand new, spacious office in Radnor, PA, offers spaces indoors and out for breaks, snacks, coffee, workouts and games. Staff report how easy it is to decompress and enjoy the camaraderie of their “work fam.” If you’re looking for a new challenge in your career and work that creates tremendous impacts in the world of drug development, they’d love to hear from you!