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This Week in Jobs: Travel delay? Use that time to check out these 26 open roles

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Close to 112 million Americans are hitting the road, skies and rails this week, according to a travel survey from The Vacationer.

That means snafus, lines and delays are inevitable.

But while your travel may be at a standstill (at least momentarily), your career doesn’t have to be.

Below you’ll find a bevy of new opportunities to excite even the most stressed of seasoned travelers. So take a deep breath, stop refreshing your boarding time and peruse this week’s offerings.

The News

How can we empower the workforce and shrink the talent gap? The answer lies in cyber soft skills, writes Celeste Frye, the cofounder and CEO of Public Works Partners, LLC.

Read about how Julia Soffa, a senior manager of revenue empowerment, helps foster a culture of communication and “JOMO” (the joy of missing out) with Guru’s largely remote workforce.

Bring on the bots! Getting young people excited about STEM opportunities could be as simple as bringing the robots to them at events like Pittsburgh Robotics Networks’ Discovery Day.

The only guarantee regarding company culture is that things will change. As a founder, one of the best things you can do is step out of the way, advises longtime executive Seema Alexander.

The Jobs





The End

Travel safe! We’ll see you again soon.

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