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Vancouver, Washington Remote Only Oct 26
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The AmperWave team is looking for the right person to join our exciting team. At AmperWave, you will be a major contributor on an experienced team. You will work on our next-generation streaming media, monetization, and podcasting solutions and will make a direct impact on the product lines.  We build powerful APIs, complex data pipelines, and modern UI.  You’ll have a chance to focus in areas you’re already skilled and take on new challenges over time. Our distributed team has a fun and inclusive environment with a commitment to work life balance.

We are developers and we understand what developers need.  We’ll provide you with a work environment where collaboration is encouraged but you’re not bombarded with superfluous interruptions.  We have highly encouraged communication silent times each afternoon so that everyone can focus without worrying they’re missing anything. We work in modern agile feature teams that self-organize and work together to build great software.  You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to new ideas, learn new technologies, and architect new features.  Friendly code reviews make us all better and you get to be a part of that by both reviewing code and having yours reviewed.  We have fun doing what we do, and you will too.

The ideal candidate is passionate about building effective, high-quality, innovative, scalable products and services. We believe in self-empowered teams that can take a product from concept to delivery. You’ll get the chance to own and contribute to multiple core functionalities and capabilities and be a driving force behind our evolution as a digital streaming company. This candidate must be local to one of our local Philadelphia, Denver, or Vancouver locations. Ideal salary expectations are $140,000.

What You'll Do:

  • Translate complex requirements to simple code
  • Develop APIs and streaming systems powering our mobile, web and OTT apps, as well as APIs consumed by third-party developers
  • Write fast, efficient code with an eye for keeping response time low
  • Help to provide an accurate timeline and scoping estimations on engineering projects
  • Mentor junior developers, including conducting code reviews and assisting in architecture planning
  • Keep up on cutting edge software trends and cloud-based solutions
  • Follow engineering best practices and participate in code reviews
  • Participate in project scoping, resource planning, and timeline estimation
  • Follow agile/continuous integration engineering best practices
  • Additional duties as needed

More About You:

Required & Preferred:

Required Traits:

  • Have at least 4 years experience writing code as part of a team
  • Are proficient in at least one modern languages (i.e. Go or Javascript)
  • Are a polyglot that isn’t afraid to learn new technologies
  • Have built production systems that scaled
  • Aren’t afraid to own greenfield or brownfield projects
  • Have experience building services that scale (this is important)
  • Have strong experience designing and building RESTful APIs to be consumed by internal, public, and partner applications
  • Have a solid understanding of Cloud Architectures, Load Balancing, DNS, Firewalls, and Networking as it applies to system design.

Desired Traits:

  • Immediately get the debugger working when introduced to a new project
  • Are comfortable with dynamically typed interpreted languages
  • Are comfortable with statically typed compiled languages
  • Have built something that failed and learned from it
  • Know SOLID rules well enough to know when to break them
  • Have enough experience with RDBMS to know that indexes are important
  • Have enough experience with NoSQL databases to know that keys are important
  • Use unit tests because they make code better and development faster
  • Think swagger UI is an amazing tool and every API should use it
  • Have built systems that deploy on AWS and/or GCP
  • Use docker to encapsulate and isolate services whenever possible

Retirement & Stock Options Benefits
  • 401K
Health & Wellness
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Mental Health Benefits
  • Vision Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Unlimited PTO
Parental Benefits
  • Parental Leave
Professional Development
  • Tuition Reimbursement
What are some ways Audacy recognizes, rewards and elevates successful employees? As a large company, we are always looking for ways to highlight our individual team members. Our “Chairman’s Circle” recognizes the top-performing revenue generators across the organization. “Audacy Rewards” enables anyone in the organization to celebrate a colleague who exhibits behaviors associated with our values of Community, Curiosity, Creativity and Courage. The announcement goes out to the entire company and employees receive points which can be redeemed for prizes or merchandise. “Winning@Work” is another way team members are celebrated. Audacy gives away trips to our major events to internal contest winners.   What is Audacy’s approach to work-life balance? We have an enormous amount of compassion and empathy for people’s personal lives. We prioritize employee wellness and building a realistic work-life balance. Anyone can go to their manager to discuss their needs, address any issues or ask for help prioritizing their workload. It is a very safe environment in which to ask for what you need in order to thrive. Managers are not tracking your hours, it’s about getting your work done and being productive. We trust our teams to be present and accomplish a lot, but we also trust them to take as much time as they need to have a successful home life. We believe that if you’re not taking care of yourself first, then you can’t do your job well, and it’s important that we strike that balance.   What social responsibility initiatives is Audacy involved with? We unite with our team, listeners and clients to create positive impact through Audacy Serves and our six specific pillars of commitment: ● Diversity, Equity & Inclusion ● Mental Health ● Civic Education ● The Environment ● Children’s Health ● Veterans & Service Members We use our voice to raise awareness of social issues, bringing communities together for good. See how in our 2021 Social Impact Report.   Who are you seeking to hire in 2022? Currently, we are scaling our digital content and podcast teams. We’re looking for exceptional talent with diverse backgrounds of lived experiences who can add unique perspectives, creativity and leadership. We have openings across the following teams: ● Engineering ● Ad sales and marketing ● Business development ● Analytics ● Product Management ● Product marketing