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This Week in Jobs DE: Oh, the places we’ll work

Those places might still be ... our kitchen tables.

Calculating travel savings from this year without an office. (Gif via

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What’s an office got to do with it?

Nothing has shifted our perception of time and place like the months and months of the pandemic. Beds became full-blown entertainment centers, kitchen tables became the desks of executives, and the in-home office space was … empty? spent Friday afternoon chatting with folks like yourself about the relevance of an employer’s HQ after a year of remote work with our public Slack.

Technically Media CEO Chris Wink argues that the office is staying with us, but it will change, and flexibility is the key to employee retention. And some major themes on the future of work that we heard on Friday, per the newsroom:

  • Culture continues to be an important consideration as teams plan where they’ll work in the future.
  • Virtual events can work and bring community, but not all IRL versions translate well. And people will be more selective about what they attend post-pandemic.
  • “Hybrid” will probably apply to more than just in-office work — hybrid travel, hybrid events, etc.
  • People have more agency in deciding what their community is nowadays. It’s not restricted to place.
  • Creativity is a big part of remote onboarding — such as holding a socially distanced BBQ for new employees.

If you could remotely work from anywhere, where would you choose? The Swiss mountains, a hot beach somewhere, or maybe your favorite coffee shop with a handcrafted latte? You may find the coolest gig that can make that workplace dream a reality in this week’s TWIJ.

The News

If you’re looking for more conversations about the evolving workplace, sign up for our recently launched Culture Builder newsletter. We’ll be hosting more discussions on the topic of the workplace during the daylong Introduced by conference as part of the 11th annual Philly Tech Week Presented by Comcast.

Not only has the pandemic changed the ways we work, it’s altered the pace of Philadelphia. Higher rates of vaccination and warmer temperatures have stimulated businesses, but a new Center City District report highlights important stats to be aware of as the city’s economic sector slowly recovers.

Maybe your dreams of remote work take you to a place where you’re the boss. For some inspo and direct advice on what to do and not do as a founder, check out these seven tips for success from Sarah Kunst, the managing director of a San Francisco VC firm.

The Jobs

You already know we’re a fan of the #WFH wardrobe. Here are some fully-remote opportunities:

The End

Hope this warm week brings you at least one burger off the grill. Happy Tuesday!


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