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Learn more about these hiring tech companies you can meet at NET/WORK 2021’s annual job fair is going virtual on March 18. Meet our Talent Pro clients looking to fill some technical roles.

Checking out exhibitors at NET/WORK Philly 2020. (Photo by Dominique Nichole)
Looking to explore new career opportunities? You’ll find plenty at NET/WORK 2021,’s free virtual job fair on Thursday, March 18, from noon to 6 p.m. ET.

Organizations from across the mid-Atlantic will be there with real hiring managers ready to have live chats and video conversations with you, conduct interviews and possibly even make offers. This who’s who of workplaces large and small includes many Talent Pro companies, meaning you can count on them to have strong cultures and great opportunities for technologists.

Register below for free, and read on to learn more and decide who you want to meet at NET/WORK.

Meet the regions most exciting tech companies. RSVP for NET/WORK

Note: All quotes below are from Talent Pro culture pages or companies’ own career sites.

14 West

“The preeminent traits seem to be a desire to learn and curiosity. If you are willing to work hard and want to understand how 14 West works, how things are done and how to contribute new ideas, you’ll be rewarded and will move up quickly. One thing that is expected of everyone that walks in here is you need to raise your hand and you better have high expectations for yourself.”


“We are a company of top achievers, of people who strive to be the best at what they do, who take full ownership of their work and who love working together. We’re not here to punch the clock because this is more than a job — we’re here to seize the tremendous opportunity before us. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. We want what we build to matter and we want to work with people who share that passion.”


“A prospective hire can impress Azavea by contributing to its open source projects like Raster Foundry, OpenTreeMap and GeoTrellis that are available on Github, along with code for many other software solutions. Or reach out to Azavea with a question or comment on one of their technical blog posts.”

Baltimore City Office of Information & Technology

“BCIT’s mission serving the City of Baltimore fuels a sense of purpose across the organization. From Agile DevOps to the service desk to data and business intelligence, employees describe colleagues eager to help one another, ample on-the-job learning opportunities, and a robust social culture. Pre-COVID, employees gathered for holidays and dessert days. Even working remotely, teams have continued holding ‘lunch-and-learn’ learning sessions at lunch, and shorter, more informal chat sessions known as ‘chew and chats.’”


“The culture is one of continuous learning. We are working to create tomorrow’s health plan — one that puts the service and security of our members first. Member security drives every decision we make as a company. We’re always looking at how and where we can improve our digital infrastructure. We’re open to creativity.”


“Learning and on-the-job development are at the heart of the company’s approach. Employees are encouraged to expand on their existing skills and pursue new ones, almost always with direct help from a colleague. Mostly those skills are centered around tech, but it can be pretty unconventional, too — such as an employee-led cooking tutorial on how to make yogurt at home.

“And while the company may not pay for you to attend a more formal yogurt-school, it does actively support professional development, from extra room to experiment with tools and features, to tuition reimbursement for outside education. And there’s always someone willing to jump in and help, whether by answering a question on Slack or serving as a mentor. It’s that kind of support that’s created a culture that’s collegial while also driven, supportive while striving for excellence.”


“At Comcast, we connect millions of people to the moments that matter. Here you’ll collaborate with diverse and passionate people to help reimagine industries, invent new technologies and create extraordinary experiences for our customers.”


“Crossbeam is proudly headquartered in Philadelphia, but we have team members contributing from all around the globe. We are open-minded about team members who are fully remote, work remotely while traveling, have a set partial-remote schedule, or work remotely on an ad hoc basis.

“It’s part of everyone’s job to make our remote team members successful — even those who work in the office. Most importantly, this means all important communication and collaboration happens where it’s accessible to everyone, regardless of location. The best tools of the trade — Zoom, Slack, Trello, and more — help us get work done and keep things fun.”

Innovate PGH

“InnovatePGH is a next generation public-private partnership built to accelerate Pittsburgh’s status as a global innovation city. The partnership is powered by a coalition of civic leaders representing the Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, UPMC, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and regional philanthropic institutions.”


“Developers at Inspire love technology and are driven by their curiosity. It’s not a requirement to be an expert in the languages and tools we use, but it is a requirement to strive to get better at technology every day. At Inspire, coders get to learn and work with new technologies throughout the stack, whether it’s on the front-end, building API’s or working with our data scientists.

“Outside of the office, engineers are given the chance to bond and develop their skills at a yearly hackathon in Vermont. Some have even had the chance to spread Inspire’s mission globally. Through a trip to Colombia, a handful of Avengers paired up with a nonprofit, GivePower, to set up solar panels to help people in need of power.”

Meet the regions most exciting tech companies. RSVP for NET/WORK


“When it comes down to it, you can and should have a good time working at Linode. We empower our employees to use their knowledge to do the job the best way, to have constructive debates, and ultimately to do things that will produce the best results. We’ve held on to our startup feel, but with the benefit of being a market leader in a booming industry. At the end of the day, our employees are passionate about the things they work on which makes for a rewarding environment.”


“Ordway’s goal is to build one of the coolest finance apps out there. We’re building something that’s very user-friendly and something that really makes sense. We do things that are meaningful in terms of the experience for our users. We’re reducing a lot of the manual processes that come with billing, payment collection, invoicing and revenue recognition. Our platform’s reporting data helps customers to understand the health of their businesses.”

Penn Interactive

“A healthy desire to kick ass is celebrated at Penn Interactive, as its mission is to be the number one sports betting app in the industry. That said, falling on your face in the name of innovation is encouraged as well, so long as you quickly dust yourself off and try again. Equally important is the commitment to developing thoughtful, responsible gaming practices for a safe gaming experience, and maintaining the company’s signature positive attitude.

“Before you worry that you don’t have enough (or any) experience in gambling or sports betting to work at Penn Interactive, know this: 90% of the engineering team doesn’t have it either. In fact, the company values employees with an outside perspective so that it can create an even more accessible app for a wider audience. But if you’re curious to learn, Penn Interactive offers a beginner-friendly sports betting 101 course.”

Pinnacle 21

“Our industry looks to us as a thought leader in clinical data standardization. That expectation hits you too, to be keeping (and setting) the pace for professional development. We support you with training courses, mentorship, and conference attendance. Also, our product roadmap assumes capabilities we haven’t yet mastered, so you’ll have no shortage of challenging projects and infrastructure to deepen your tech stack. As we grow, we’ll spend more time cross-training each other, so expect to teach others as part of your own learning path!”


“We’re looking for devs who are solid technical talents — people who understand software to their core and computer science from an applied perspective. We look for people who are deeply interested in programming; for them it’s more than a job, they read about it in their spare time. We look for people who are smart, capable, truly interested in the work and excited to come in every day.”

The Tactile Group

“Good design comes from diverse perspectives and united effort. The commitment to each other that our team members foster is reflected in the long-term relationships we build with our valued clients.”


“In the ever-evolving industries of fashion and tech, no two days as a technologist at URBN are the same. An active and data-rich customer base offers the tech team endless opportunities to get creative with the brands’ ecommerce experiences and customer engagement.”

Wilco Electronic Systems

“At Wilco, people are at the heart of everything we do. It takes skill, talent and a strong work ethic to meet our many challenges and achieve our many goals in today’s highly competitive telecommunications marketplace. We require our employees to excel, be willing to deliver on the promises we make to our customers and, to share our dedication to providing exceptional customer service.”


If you didn’t see your dream job listed above, don’t worry — these orgs have lots more open roles, and there are even more companies hiring at NET/WORK. Check out the full exhibitor list and more details here, and we’ll see you on March 18!

Meet the regions most exciting tech companies. RSVP for NET/WORK

Companies: Axios / Kion / Pittsburgh Innovation District / Ordway / CareFirst / URBN / Penn Interactive / Crossbeam / Pinnacle 21 / The Baltimore City Office of Information & Technology / Inspire / The Tactile Group / 14 West / Linode / SmartLogic / Azavea / Wilco Electronic Systems / Comcast

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