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Inspire’s Technology organization is seeking a Software Engineer to join our growing team. You will be responsible for working on our core systems, integrating with third party APIs, and supporting some of our most important internal tools.   You will join a team of engineers and contribute alongside them, working in a collaborative and supportive environment.


  1. Be a contributor within a product-design-engineering “squad”.  Write code daily, ship code multiple times per week.
  2. Own your features, from inception to completion.  Participate in grooming sessions, QA process, and post-deploy monitoring.
  3. Write and maintain comprehensive documentation of solutions including flowcharts and code comments.


  • Vendor API Integration
    • Integrate with RESTful APIs for our third party vendors.  Implement new integrations, and improve our existing integrations.  Document publicly-facing Inspire APIs
  • Regulatory System Refactor
    • Refactor our contracts and terms generation service, which produces hundreds of documents daily. Prepare it to handle thousands daily and support self-service updates
  • Internal Tools / Internal APIs
    • Partner with front-end engineers to create internal APIs to support our tools.  
    • Create new database structure (tables or columns) to support as needed
    • Create scripts to backfill data if necessary


  • Ability to get up to speed quickly: Expect <5 days to commit code (even something small), 30 days to owning your first large feature, 60 days to becoming a fully independent member of a squad.
  • Maintaining a sustainably steady velocity and cadence of work completed sprint over sprint.
  • Eliminating unwanted bugs in your code and other code through a combination of automated and manual testing.


  • Resilience (when I get knocked down, I come back stronger)
  • Internal locus of control (I am responsible for what happens to me) 
  • Values Partnership (I can’t do this alone)
  • Honesty/Transparency/Directness  (I can speak my mind, even when it’s hard)
  • Regulate Emotions (I can shake off a “loss” quickly)
  • Optimism/Persistence/Action Oriented (I take risks, and move with speed because I believe I’ll win)
  • Feedback Seeking (I know I’m not perfect, I want to know how I can get better)
  • Motivation to Build (I want to be part of something big)
  • Raw Intelligence (I can quickly master new concepts)


  • Must Have
    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar, or equivalent education that provides a strong foundation in computer science with a focus on web technologies (data structures, algorithms, HTTP concepts, API convention, database structure, etc.) 
    • 1-5 years of professional experience building web apps, APIs, databases, and other business related systems
    • Strong understanding of HTTP, REST standards, backward compatibility, and other best practices for building consumer APIs 
    • Passionate about technology and interested in solving tough problems
    • Experience with the following Technical Skills:
      • Back End: Ruby, Python, NodeJS, or Java
      • Database: Postgres
      • Development lifecycle experience with Git and Github 
  • Nice to Have
    • Proven ability to work with cross-functional teams
    • Experience with the following Technical Skills:
      • Front End: Javascript using a modern framework (React/VueJS/Angular)
      • Front End: SCSS/Bootstrap
      • DevOps: Experience deploying to AWS/Harness/Kubernetes and/or Heroku
      • Automated Testing: RSpec/Mocha/Jest
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What are some examples of projects Inspire employees are working on?

Everyone is or becomes a full-stack developer. The company is very product-focused. Technologists are tasked with developing next generation consumer products that are easy to use and help members better understand their energy consumption. The team is currently working on Inspire’s consumer technology platform, which is written with a mix of Ruby and Angular 2, and using Ionic to create native mobile apps. Inspire’s tech team is constantly unlocking data that helps members optimize their energy usage, increase their home's value and decrease their carbon footprint.

How does Inspire encourage learning on the job?

Developers at Inspire love technology and are driven by their curiosity. It’s not a requirement to be an expert in the languages and tools we use, but it is a requirement to strive to get better at technology every day. At Inspire, coders get to learn and work with new technologies throughout the stack, whether it’s on the front-end, building API’s or working with our data scientists.

Outside of the office, engineers are given the chance to bond and develop their skills at a yearly hack-a-thon in Vermont. Some have even had the chance to spread Inspire’s mission globally. Through a trip to Colombia, a handful of Avengers paired up with a nonprofit, GivePower, to set up solar panels to help people in need of power.

How does the company’s mission impact its technologists?

In the best way. Coders have opinions, and those opinions are welcomed at Inspire. While technical skills are important, Inspire is looking for technologists who want to feel a sense of purpose when they go to work everyday. Inspire’s dev team brings the company’s mission to life in everything it builds. At the end of the day, developers are asking themselves the same question their colleagues in other departments are asking: Is this going to help us achieve our mission?

What does the company do to loosen things up?

The drive to create a larger impact on this world is very real, but employees don’t take themselves too seriously. Every employee is an Avenger fighting climate change. Every employee also has his or her own story about their first “Cupcake Smash,” an internal birthday tradition that features an Avenger cape and a cupcake eating competition (could you eat a cupcake in one bite?). That is, unless you’re CEO and founder Patrick Maloney, who donned a pair of goggles and plunged his head into a bucket of water to bob for his birthday cupcake.

What is every-day company culture like?

Avengers will tell you that company culture is a big draw, and like everything else about Inspire, the company mission is a big part of it. The team is driven by the collective desire to create something new — to test, learn and solve the tough problems. Inspire’s staff is young, energized, and motivated by purpose-driven work. Avengers are encouraged to learn new skills and put them to the test. Outside of work, team members can often be found together, whether it be at a happy hour or office yoga session. Side projects are encouraged, and several employees use their free time to build something unrelated to work or engage with environmental justice organizations.

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