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Baltimore, MD
Founded in 2005
Status: Active

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custom app development, design, iOS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Phoenix and Elixir, react, react Native, web and mobile application development
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May 10, 2005


3500 Boston St Suite 323 Baltimore MD 21224
A Look Inside

Housed in Canton’s iconic Atlantic-Southwestern Broom Company building, SmartLogic is a model for Baltimore offices. Natty Boh posters grace the walls and the third floor office at 3500 Boston Street features plenty of natural light, picturesque cityscape views, and plants – everywhere. The space has a homey feel, with a couple couches and even some workout equipment for downtime. And the best part? Even dogs are welcome in this office.

The schedule at SmartLogic honors work/life balance for Baltimore residents and commuters alike. Slack brings together remote staffers and in-office teams through a daily 10am standup (SUP) meeting when team members report what they’ve been working on and any assistance they may require. They also hold a weekly all-hands company lunch. Working remotely? SmartLogic has you covered: mounted screens are readily available for remote employees to be able to join HQ via Skype.

Diversity in both ethnicity and in thought is widely encouraged at SmartLogic, inviting experts from outside the company to talk about leading technologies, and encouraging employees to discuss any side projects they’re working on.

Company president Yair Flicker sets the tone for company culture saying, “Priorities-wise, it’s give people a good place to work, build your business, and do good work for your clients.” You can find Yair and his team spreading this mantra with advice on hiring cool people who do great work, hosting “Lunch and Learn” sessions at Baltimore Innovation Week and sharing a day in the founder’s life via Snapchat takeovers.

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Culture Q&A

What sets SmartLogic apart from other development consultancies?

There’s definitely a sense that we’re one of the good guys in the software development agency world. There’s a lot of ways where a company can focus on prioritizing getting as much money out of a client as opposed to developing a long term relationship with the client and I think we definitely skew on the end of focusing more on what’s best for the client as opposed to what’s best for the bottom line.

What is the best part about working at SmartLogic?

It’s never boring. Every day is a little different: there is a wide variety of clientele, there are no shortages of challenges and we’re encouraged to learn from each other and from our projects. And it’s a very relaxed environment with a flexible schedule and no one wearing suits and ties.

What’s work/life balance look like here?

We have core hours from 10am – 3:30pm everyday, so everyone is expected to be in the office or online during that time period. And then how they make up the rest of their hours is up to them.

How do employees stay connected with one another?

Slack, walking around the office, Skype, daily standup meetings and weekly lunch meetings.

So, what’s for lunch?

There’s a grocery budget: everyone puts what they want in a spreadsheet and Relay Foods delivers. We have a kitchenette with protein bars, Greek yogurt, fruit, pop tarts; it’s very health-conscious. For the weekly lunches, if there’s an agenda, we order in, if not we go somewhere nearby like Mission BBQ or Atwaters.

Do employees hang out outside of work?

There are company events and activities and some team members hang out on their own. There are a few people who like to go rock climbing together. We’re a big family, but we’re not the ‘happy hour after work’ office. We don’t really need that.

How does SmartLogic encourage diversity in a white, male-dominated field?

We sponsor a lot of events to encourage diversity. But regardless of whether it’s diversity of ethnicity or diversity of thoughts we often have different developers come in and speak on whatever topic it is that they might be interested in or any projects that they might be working on for the company to watch.

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