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“Guess where I am going. I will give you a hint. It is a booze-fueled romp, where anything goes. You are correct, sir! I am headed to Philadelphia for the Annual Northeastern Mid-Market Office Supply Convention!”

— Michael Scott, The Office

It’s all about who ya know

Good morning, job seekers! We’re as happy as a camel on a Wednesday, because today is the start to our annual, multi-city career fair extravaganzas, starting with NET/WORK Philly!

There will be professional headshots! There will be professional resume reviews! And as always, there will be La Colombe coffee to keep you at peak performance as you mingle your behind off with the 54 companies signed up to attend and ready to hire.

Here’s a roundup of stories we ran over the past few weeks to get you pumped about NET/WORK:

Even though we’re trembling with excitement, we realize not everyone lives and breathes the job hunt. So here are 3 tips for rocking the socks off of hiring managers at today’s event.

Now, REGISTER HERE, if you haven’t already. Go get ‘em, tiger.

The news

If you love to work surrounded by beauty (and no, we’re absolutely not referring to a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot), check out the gorgeous digs and plentiful gigs at Perpay in Center City. We caught up with the fintech startup and learned how it’s making consumer expenses easier to manage with its income-based, no interest approach to borrowing, buying and budgeting.

Ummm, so like, this is cool. Orai — the speech coaching app that makes you a better presenter and improves communication — just raised $2.3 million in seed round funding led by Comcast Ventures. The app helps increase your confidence and energy as a speaker and rids you of pesky habits like saying “um” a lot. Might not be a bad idea to give that baby a whirl before heading in for an interview for one of Orai’s open jobs!

The jobs

Do note that all of the following Philly-based employers will be attending NET/WORK Philly today. So take a little time to pick your career poison, read up on the company and go in there fully prepared, friends.

Engineering gigs:

  • Azavea — the civtech company which has a sweet 10% time benefit — is on the hunt for an Operations Engineer.
  • The artisans of ERP software at Deacom in scenic Chesterbrook are hiring a Front-End Developer. College degrees are not a requirement here — just bring on the coding passion.
  • IntegriChain is motivated by the aim to get meds into the hands of patients faster. The Philly-based company <3s standing desks and La Croix water. It’s also looking to hire a Data Engineer.
  • Penn Mutual, the insurance firm that is 172 years young and lives on the cutting edge of tech, is looking for an  Insurance Software Engineer. P.S.: suits not required.
  • Custom software builder PromptWorks is looking for a Director of Engineering to oversee the entire technical team. Must support mature organizational growth … so no fart jokes.
  • Vanguard, the ship-themed investment firm with fun perks, seeks a Full-Stack Engineer (Java) to be its newest crew member.
  • Cloud hosting provider Linode is looking for a Senior Software Engineer — Kubernetes to take up a desk in its glam Old City renovation of the Real World: Philadelphia house. Do note, at this place it’s most important that you love Linux, and not just reality TV shows.

Operations and project management roles:

  • Perpay is looking for a recent grad and chameleon-like self-starter for its Operations Specialist role.
  • Pinnacle 21, the clinical data standardization platform streamlining the drug approval process, seeks a Scrum Master with 3+ years of experience and, most importantly, an all-encompassing passion for Agile Scrum. Well, who doesn’t have that?
  • Odessa is hiring a Senior Project Manager, Implementations with at least a little experience in the leasing and finance industry and a lot of desire to love their job. There are more requirements, but those were the most fun.
  • Software company WebLinc is hiring an Agile Project Manager. This place has one of the coolest stairwells in all the town. We’d tell you more, but years of watching teen-based rom-coms has taught us that being vague and mysterious is cool.

Hot Tip!

“Sometimes you’ve just gotta show ‘em what you’ve got. Interviews aren’t everyone’s forte. As a writer, I often get tongue-tied or completely forget words altogether during an in-person interview. After fumbling with my answers in the interview to write this very newsletter, the editor kindly gave me the opportunity to do a trial run. I was able to show them what I was capable of and got the job.

“No matter what your skill, try and find a way to give hiring managers a tangible example of why you’re great at what you do. Bring your portfolio, give them your sales pitch, show them pictures of an event you’ve produced. Find a way to give them a true feeling for your work.”

Abby Lee Mosconi, freelance writer and contributor (that’s me!)

The rest

What’s next

NET/WORK only begins in Philly. For all of you to just the south, get registered and mark your calendars for these can’t miss events in your neighborhood:

  • NET/WORK Baltimore is happening March 14 at Thumel Business Center of the University of Baltimore. To RSVP, click here.
  • NET/WORK Delaware will take place March 20 at CSC. To RSVP, click here.
  • NET/WORK DC will happen on March 27 at Alley powered by Verizon. To RSVP, click here.

Philly, don’t be afraid to say “Hi!” to the team today! We’ll be floating around in our hoodies, making sure you have what you need and giving you parental words of encouragement.

So, good luck out there today, sweetie. Show them why you’re our special little jelly bean!

Happy job hunting!

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