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This Week in Jobs Philly: Back in the job search saddle

Data roles for days, and we’re hiring. (Yes, us!)

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Hello From the Other Side

And we’re back!

We’ve overdosed on holiday sweets, napped for hours on end and became one with our pajamas. But now, it’s time to get back on the job hunting horse and ride once again.

Giddy up.

The News

Like a modern day Jack and the Beanstalk, this list of virtual events in January will help grow your tech and business knowledge until it reaches the sky, where you can then fool a giant out of some gold coins and live happily ever after with your mom. Or, simply grow your biz and tech skills, minus all of the rigorous beanstalk climbing. Please note, two of these events have already passed, but there are still six more to go.

New year, exciting new editorial calendar. Take a look at 12 themes we plan to cover here at in 2021 — barring any new life- and work-interrupting pandemics (why would we even say that?) — and how you can play a role in helping create some of the content. Diving right into the deep end, we’re kicking off the year with January’s theme, “What’s next for the economy?”

Early-stage startups in Delaware, this one’s for you. Startup 302, sponsored by the Delaware Prosperity Partnership, is a pitch competition with a goal to support equity in funding. Applications are open through Feb. 12 for “technology-enabled startups with at least one founding team member from an underrepresented group.”

The Jobs


The End

Wow. Being back in the saddle feels better than ever. So get excited for a new year of enthusiastically written job content because we’re ready to bring it to you like it’s never been brought before. See you next week, friends.

Happy job hunting.

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