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This Week in Jobs Philly: Resurrect your resume

It’s that time of year when things come back to life!

"There, there." (Gif via Giphy)

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Monster Mash

Well, all you ghouls and goblins, it’s officially the forbidden week of Halloweenie. It’s time to dress up like you’re about to start your dream job. Adorn your finest garb, and let the spirits of thousands of years past propel you toward professional bliss.

A job search is a scary beast to tame, but you’ve got this! And in the meantime, all of those giant bags of candy are going to go on sale if you need something to soothe a sweet fang.

The News

When it comes to broadband access, staying connected isn’t a given for everyone in Philadelphia, but a recent survey did account for a 14% increase in homes that have access to high-speed internet since 2019.

Entrepreneurs near and dear to Philly racked up some considerable wins: The car subscription service Go raised millions, and a new reality TV show helped bring this inventor’s ideas to life with a $100,000 Macy’s deal and more.

Know other award-worthy innovators in Philly’s tech space? Nominate them for the 2021 Awards — the deadline is EOD Nov. 3.

At the tail end of Tech + Health Month on’s editorial calendar, we asked a big question: “What causes healthcare disparities, and how does tech fit?”

The Jobs

The End

Do us a favor: Check how many unread emails are in your inbox, then report back. … Hopefully, that was the biggest fright of your work. Carry on!

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