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Meet Fastmail

Desperate to permanently delete the deluge of marketing emails from brands you never signed up for? The good internet citizens at Fastmail are at your service.

For as little as $3 per month, the Australia-based independent email provider offers completely ad-free products and services — unlike “free” email providers that get paid by selling your data to advertisers. Your inbox stays clear of unwelcome solicitors, and your privacy intact.

Fastmail is a 40-person, 20-year-old company established in Australia. The small business went global after acquiring Pobox in 2015, a Philly-based email service created by Penn student Helen Horstmann-Allen, now the COO of Fastmail. Since then, the email provider’s Philadelphia office has grown to 17 employees, and counting, and recently underwent a stunning renovation featuring design elements that are representative of the company’s warm, inviting nature.

Despite being 10,000 miles apart, Fastmail’s offices are linked through a cohesive internal culture. The company follows Australian labor laws and practices, featuring laid back vibes, empathetic and collaborative communication, respect for all employees and generous benefits. As an employer, much like its role as a product developer, the company strives to be human-centered, empowering and connective. It encourages all employees to be full partners in the development of internal processes, technical standards and Fastmail’s commitment to an open internet.

Providing a human-centered approach to the email experience for customers who value their privacy is at the core of every product and service Fastmail designs — right down to its own internal framework. With a custom, open-source application, technologists at Fastmail have complete control over every aspect of the company’s tech stack, how to build upon the application and what to build next.

If building ethical, inventive and strategic technology is your jam, take some time to explore Fastmail’s latest job openings. The company is currently looking to hire Philly-based JavaScript programmers, backend software developers, customer support agents, project managers and more.