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This Week in Jobs Philly: What we can learn about job hunting from dogs

Ruff stuff.

ARF. (Gif via

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Winter is the best, by a dog:

“Oh my god. Oh boy, wow. Ahhh I can’t sit still. Oh you guys, look! Look, guys! There’s snow! See the snow? Wow. Oh boy. Guys it’s everywhere. It’s all over — I’m going to pee on it. Wait, here? Or here? I do all the spots.

Oh wow. Guys, you can taste the sky. It’s like … oh boy, it’s wet. Wow, it’s cold in your mouth. Guys, guys have you tried this? Guys! Guys! Guys!

Watch mom, now I’m gonna run really, really super fast. Now I run even bigger, this time the fastest time! See? DO YOU SEE? I’M RUNNING! Oh boy. I’m gonna zip this way, but wait because I zag dis way. Running is the grea — HI, Rosie! Hi, Rosie! Hi, Rosie! Hiiiii, Rosie! Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Hi!!! —  Rosie is my fran, she’s the greatest. Oh, wow.”

This, friends, is the job hunting energy we are channeling in February. Let’s chase our dreams the way the doggo runned so fast because the snow and the cold and he jumped and oh boy, wow!

The News

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On the latest episode of Off the Sidelines, an investor education podcast, our hosts chat with Pam Kostka of All Raise, as well as investor, entrepreneur and diversity advocate Tracy Chou to discuss the essential qualities that make a good investor and how we can apply that to accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion in the investing world.

West Philadelphians interested in information technology careers, take a peek at this new, paid skills-building program called TechUp. The ACHIEVEability program arms underemployed or unemployed high school graduates with in-demand Salesforce skills. The program begins April 2021.

The Jobs


Gosh, that was pun.

The End

Thanks for joining us this week, friends. Now get out there and make some yellow snow!

Happy job hunting.


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