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This Week in Jobs: Go for a personal best with these 19 open tech roles

Sometimes, you’re your own competition.

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This weekend, Nepali mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa made history by summiting Mount Everest for the 26th time.

The previous record-holder? Himself.

The climber beat his own record, something he’s spent much of his storied career doing.

Kami Rita may be taking the concept to an extreme, but it’s a good reminder that in life and work, the only true competition is often ourselves.

What’s your personal best, and is the space to improve? Some of this week’s listings may create that opportunity …

The News

This is the 12th annual Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast, and we’d love for you to join us! Even if you’re outside the Philly area, many events are virtual or have hybrid components, so take a look and consider attending:

Ask a marketer: Should I build my new company’s site on WordPress or Squarespace?


On the heels of its successful first product geared toward healthcare workers, Lumify Care announces a $1.25 million seed round.

Would you go back to work for a former employer? Here’s how leadership at Crossbeam keeps employees engaged and returning to the team.

Sarah Bellamy found her job as a content specialist at Tempest through’s newsletter — read on and maybe you’ll be next.

The Jobs

Come work with us! Technically Media is looking for a Summer Business Intern to start in June.





The End

Here’s to a new personal best. Good luck, and we’ll see you next time.

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