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This Week in Jobs: Look beyond your bubble with these 23 tech career opportunities

Stop the green text shame.

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By now, you’ve likely heard about the DOJ’s antitrust suit against Apple. One of the biggest phrases to emerge from it? Green bubble shaming.

An Android text appears as the dreaded “green bubble” on an iPhone. Smartphone users across platforms have been on one side or the other of this experience. At best, it leads to a joke or two; at worst, it leads to ghosting from the iPhone user.

The DOJ alleges the use of the green bubble, among other incompatibilities, is meant to encourage Android users to buy iPhones.

Could this be the end of green bubble shaming? At the very least, it’s a reminder to be kinder to the lone Android user in the group text.

When you’re done apologizing to the Android users in your life, we’re here with a bounty of new opportunities this week.

The News

In the wake of the Key Bridge collapse last week, here’s how technology can prevent future infrastructural disasters.

Philly Tech Week is fast approaching! Here are the announced speakers (so far) for the Builders Conference on May 9.

Hear from three women leaders at Vanguard about what it’s like to work in IT at the financial services company (and check out open roles below).

After a decade of operations, Philadelphia’s incubator Innovation Center @3401 will close this summer.

Wrapping up Women’s Month, here’s how companies and organizations can support women technologists and entrepreneurs.

Looking to turn an innovative idea into a business? Here are 4 orgs supporting the development of new tech in their local ecosystems.

The Jobs

Attention Philly, Pittsburgh, and Delaware-based readers! is looking for a Market Editor.

Philly + Delaware

DC + Baltimore



The End

Remember, it’s not easy being green. Meet you back here again soon!


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