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Meet Fearless

In 2009, Delali Dzirasa founded Fearless with the goal of building a different kind of digital services company.

He wanted to bring purple cow experiences to the public sector; to make government services more accessible and usable for both civil servants and the general public.

Over the years, Fearless started to grow. Rallying around the idea of being a purple cow in a brown cow government contracting industry, we iterated on how to build a culture and identity that supported the impact we wanted to make. We got our first official office space in 2010 when we moved to the UMBC business incubator. When we outgrew that, we moved to a coworking space in downtown Baltimore. By 2018, we had over 50 team members. Just three years later, that number had quadrupled. And in 2023, we made our biggest shift yet. We developed a new model to better serve our customers, calling it the digital services integrator.

Fearless has continued to grow over the years, in team members, in contracts, and in heart and soul. But our core purpose has always remained the same. No matter what we’re working on, we always want to leave things better than we found them. That way we can make a positive impact on our customers, our communities, and on the world.