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This Week in Jobs DE: Summer scaries

We’re gonna need a bigger AC.

AHHHHH long sleeves in July! (Gif via Giphy)

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Oh My Gore

Any certified Scream Queen knows that many classic horror movies take place in the summer. Must be something extra terrifying about a night when the moon is high, the air is balmy and summer camp is in full swing. Don’t just take our word for it, the proof is on IMDb. We’ve got “Jaws,” “Friday the 13th,” “Midsommar,” “Jaws 2,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “It,” “Jaws 3,” “Us,” “Jaws: The Revenge” (OK, you get it). A winter wonderland can also be the setting of a chilling tale; “The Shining” taught us that much. But horror seems to come alive at the sight of a summer sunset.

Luckily, TWIJ doesn’t bite, and we show up in your inbox every Tuesday, so there’s no jump scares to fear. So keep reading, only if you dare to happen upon your next great job opportunity.

The News

Talking about credit scores may actually give you a fright. The micro-lending platform Perpay is helping customers confront those financial ghosts and improve their credit with its new product, Perpay+.

“It takes a village” is how the old saying goes. In Philly Startup Leaders’ case, it’s taken a Slack community of 5,000 users. The networking platform is eventually retiring its Slack — but fear not. It is transitioning to a just-launched website, PSL Connect.

Horror isn’t your thing? Check out the feel-good story of Leigh Peele’s professional journey and how she ended up in a position she loves at The Tactile Group. is now publishing daily reporting in Pittsburgh, and a newsletter is on its way. Keep up to date with all the latest headlines from the Pennsylvania city here.

The Jobs

If commuting is your worst nightmare, try out these fully #WFH jobs:

The End

BRB, watching “Jaws: The Revenge.” See you next week!


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