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This Week in Jobs: Author your next career move with these open tech roles

Write the next epic, or just have some fun.

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The Next Chapter

Looking for a creative outlet? Why not try writing a book?

Seriously. And in the month of November, you’ve got plenty of help. NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month) encourages novel and experienced novelists to pen a manuscript in just 30 days through a supportive online community.

It might sound intimidating, but here’s the math: many novels clock in at around 50,000 words. So, to write a book, you’ve only got to pen 2,000 words a day on average. It might sound tricky, but every journey begins with a single step (or sentence).

If you’ve had a novel kicking around in your noggin, maybe this is the month you make it happen. Who knows? Plugging into that creative outlet might help you feel unstuck elsewhere.

The News

Remote work may boost productivity, but it can bust an employee’s sense of belonging. Dive into the latest data on this workplace trend. Want more workplace culture insights? Sign up for’s Culture Builder newsletter.


Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby met with local CEOs to talk about tech growth in the community.

In one year as a product manager at Philadelphia-based Stratis IoT, Shenali Parikh has experienced growth and accomplished a long-held career goal: managing a direct report. Read more about her journey and the culture at Stratis here.

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Big Idea Center hosted its annual Steel City Startups event, asking founders what they wish they knew before starting their entrepreneurial journey.

Bill Carlin, CMO of Philadelphia-based Shipmate Fulfillment, shares insights on the logistics industry and how a global supply chain meltdown impacts both consumers and your business.

We caught up with Chris Johns, the chief information officer of PNC’s Asset Management Group and Staff Services functions. Learn how she found her way to that role and what excites her about her team’s work.

The Jobs






The End

Ready to write? Creativity can unlock inspiration everywhere. We’ll see you back here with a manuscript next week.

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