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This Week in Jobs Philly: The end of career loungewear?

Slip-on styles only.

Jeans! We hate them! (Gif via

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Dress for the job you want

The FDA’s approval of a coronavirus vaccine for the US has us asking ourselves some big questions lately. Like, what do we do with all of our new loungewear sets if we go back to the office? What are the odds that french terry tie dye joggers become the official new business casual? How do buttons work, again?

If the idea of sitting at a desk in anything less than 100% stretch fabric with cashmere-like softness gives you anxiety, you are not alone. But jobs are how we afford the decadent luxury of buttery-soft slip-on attire (aka: sweats), and so we are here for you — to deliver hope and career opportunity straight to your inbox, and to hold your hand (figuratively speaking) the day you must once again force your tender limbs back into course denim casts and fasten the unforgivingly starchy waistband of work pants against your spandex-coddled belly.

The News

Calling all emerging Pittsburgh journalists. is proudly seeking its third Report for America recruit to cover economic development in Pittsburgh beginning in spring of 2021 for up to three years.

Check out the podcast episode that got this female writer to start investing her moolah mere minutes after listening. Off the Sidelines asked, “How can more women invest actively in their wealth?” and Jenny Abramson of Rethink Impact and Amy Griffin of G9 Ventures answered in-depth.

York, PA-based entrepreneur Jasmine Whaley recently launched a platform called Black Owned and Hiring where Black employees and allies can learn more about employers and look for job openings at Black-owned and Black-led companies. The site amplifies Black voices, “enabling Black professionals to get the inside scoop on company culture and find organizations which believe in racial equality.”

The Jobs

Opportunities where you’re likely to need real work clothes again, eventually:

Opportunities that will not threaten your loungewear habits:

The End

Hug your extra-soft jersey sweats a little tighter tonight as you soak in the news that a better day is just around the corner.

Happy job hunting, friends!


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