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This Week in Jobs Philly: Spooky season just got a whole lot less scary

We may have liked it better before.

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A public moment of mourning

Since we last spoke, fall officially descended, and souls everywhere began planning their next spooky rendezvous. But this twist may derail your scary hangs: Eastern State Penitentiary is ending its long-beloved Terror Behind the Walls. Though the institution is replacing the shriek-inducing production with “Halloween Nights,” it’s just not the same, in my opinion.

The penitentiary’s director of ops told Philly Mag that some complained it was “too scary.” Eh, I think Philly is a tougher cookie (or candy corn, eh?) than that. Guess we’ll have to find our scares elsewhere. You came to the wrong place for that since we’re all about taking the fright out of the job search. Speaking of …

The News

Let’s swap out a scary story for a case study you can put to good use — the last in a three-part series on diversifying the tech workforce. This round focuses on how employers can improve attracting and retaining Black and brown workers. Interested in learning more? Visit’s Tech Diversity Toolkit.

In search of a side hustle? Meet Plynth, an ecommerce startup that makes it easier for artists to sell their goods digitally.

Maybe you’re not sure of your side hustle. DE is ripe with opportunities that can help you figure it out, including this mentorship program by Spur Impact.

Terror Behind the Walls or not, we already knew that Philly was the best in the world. Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report is finally catching up, ranking us among the top 30 tech cities in the world. wants your feedback: Take our community survey by the end of the month to help us better meet your local tech info needs. As thanks, we’re picking a handful of survey takers to win a $50 gift card or a signed copy of Guy Raz’s book, “How I Built This.”

The Jobs

Remote work is safe for work these days, and especially exciting with these openings:

The End

It’s a costume party! Scare you next week.

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