How to diversify your tech workforce

Tech skills are in demand. Limited supply drives up wages and encourages investment. The moral imperative of reducing the obstacles to economic gains and the business imperative for more trained workers are both contributing to renewed and sustained focus on diversifying the technical workforce. This effort is taking place at the global, national, regional and company level. For more than 10 years, has reported on economic growth and access to that growth in local tech economies. This resource guide serves as a starting point for individual company hiring managers and for policymakers and economic development executives.  

This project was produced thanks to support from the Most Diverse Tech Hub Initiative from the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce’s Tech Industry Partnership. Its lessons are universal. Download the toolkit, review additional resources below and contact to learn more.

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Future Pipeline

Workforce Development

Workplace Changes

Education, programming, access improvement and internships for youth 

Reskilling, upskilling and apprenticeships for career changers. 

Culture change and accountability to improve attraction and retention strategies for current technologists


Workplace Changes (Recruiting):

Build to Last

Circa Talent Pro


Workforce Development:

Campus Philly


Tech Elevator


Venture for America

Partners and Steering Committee

Great, your company has a diversity committee. Now what?

What role do coding bootcamps play?

What re-skilling means for workforce and diversity gaps?