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Startup health, software trends and the future of local: Check out’s 2022 editorial calendar

From Web3 to racial equity to "evolution of a tech scene," will devote extra coverage to these 12 timely topics this year.

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Update: May's theme is now called Evolution of a Tech Scene Month. (5/2/22, 5:15 p.m.)
We said it last year and it’s still true now: While it’s tempting to herald the new year as a saving grace, many of 2020’s challenges will linger far into 2022. But there are also signs of progress.

This past week, the US has seen the worst surge of COVID-19 cases in the entirety of the pandemic. Yet, encouragingly, the FDA has authorized the vaccine for children. Fewer than 200,000 jobs were added to the economy in December — but the unemployment rate hit a pandemic low. And while companies closing for a “break” has become code for their employees being out with the coronavirus, the majority of business owners are … optimistic?

As we approach a third full year of the pandemic, all of these topics will be incorporated into’s regular reporting in 2022. They’ll also feature prominently in reporting of our editorial calendar themes.’s editorial calendar is a reporting series with monthly themes relevant to our niche group of readers. The idea is to give our journalists an opportunity to dive deeper into 12 topics that local technologists, entrepreneurs, company leaders and innovators care about (while still maintaining our regular diversity of coverage).

First up: Startup Health Month.

This January, we want to hear from founders who have learned from success and failure alike: When should you keep building, and when is it time to pivot, give up or bring in people more experienced than you to lead your company to its next phase? What’s the best way to fund a young company, and is Regulation Crowdfunding really the next big thing?

We’s also publish roundups of startup-boosting events and resources, analyses of reports on economic outlook, and closer looks at healthy hiring practices and culture when you’re growing quickly.

All this ties directly to our forthcoming 2022 editions of our annual RealLIST Startups, tracking the most promising young tech companies in Philly, Baltimore, DC, Delaware and Pittsburgh. We’re not asking for formal nominations this year, but if you have an idea for a startup we should consider, please do get in touch.

And now, check out’s full 2022 editorial calendar. Broadly, these themes cover biz trends, professional development for technologists and workplace culture, with an eye on how each are changing in a continuously unprecedented moment in history:

January — Startup Health

  • When should a founder become the CEO? What alternative methods of funding new companies, such as Regulation Crowdfunding, contribute to longevity? How have companies that received Paycheck Protection Program funding fared since the 2020 recession?

February — What Local Means Now

  • Does where we work still matter? How are city centers recovering from pandemic-prompted economic setbacks — or not? How have tech meetups changed? Is every all-remote tech company a loss for other residents?
  • Plus, look for the return of our coworking guides.

March — Future of the Web

  • How are we building a connective, social, decentralized web? What aspects of Web3 (including NFTs, DeFi and cryptocurrency) are here to stay? How real will the metaverse become?

April — Cybersecurity

  • What’s driving the nationwide need for cyber professionals? What are the latest security skills being demanded by local employers — and how can technologists develop them? How can data care be better adopted by technologists and non-technologists alike?

May — Evolution of a Tech Scene

  • What founders have started influential companies that spawned others by going public and creating employee wealth, spinning off new technology, or otherwise encouraging entrepreneurship within its own ranks? How can local economies support startup flywheels? When’s the best time for an employee to become a founder, and how should they do it?
  • Plus, look for the 2022 edition of’s annual RealLIST Connectors tracking the most connective tech community members in each of our markets.

June — Racial Equity in Tech

  • What work is being done to increase access and representation for people who have been historically left out of local tech economies? What progress has been made on the many public funding or diversity pledges made by companies in the last two years? Who are the hidden figures who have been doing the work all along? (That last one is inspired by Generocity’s own Hidden Figures Month from February 2021.)

July — Tech Education

  • What local computer science, bootcamps and other such programs are best preparing junior devs for successful tech careers? How are employers considering minimum requirements for tech candidates? What entry points should, but don’t yet exist for entry-level roles?

August — Digital Infrastructure

  • What have been the effects of federal legislation intended to expand digital access locally? What’s the future of the Internet of Things and 5G? What physical infrastructure is still needed to bring access to nearby rural areas?

September — Software Trends

  • What programming languages are most popular, needed and anticipated? What’s the future of the cloud, app building, no-code software development? What cool dev projects are local pros working on?
  • Plus, look for the 2022 edition of’s annual RealLIST Engineers tracking the most influential technologists in each of our markets.

October — Tech + Government

  • As we approach the midterm elections, how are local, state and federal governments using technology to better serve their constituents? How are they engaging entrepreneurs in public-private partnerships? What are the latest trends in civic hacking?

November — How I Got Here

  • What nontraditional paths led to successful tech careers? What are the latest skill and salary trends? How can junior devs secure mentorship from more experienced technologists?

December — Technology of the Future

  • Who locally is developing the next wave of robotics, climate tech, artificial intelligence, ecommerce and technology we haven’t even heard of yet? What does increased automation mean for tech jobs? What do futurists say our collective 2023 looks like?
  • Plus, look for the 2022 edition of the annual Awards honoring impactful leaders, change-making companies and innovative technology products making communities better.


Many of these follow a similar line: helping you do your job better. You can expect a handful of profiles on folks doing the most within these sectors, guest posts from relevant experts, and a whole bunch of reporting on trends, challenges and solutions. We’ll publish reported explainers and community perspectives alike.

Have an idea for a story? Know someone working in one of these spaces who deserves some shine? Looking to align your marketing campaign with a sponsored content package? Drop us a line:

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P.S. Here’s how 2021’s themes turned out:

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