How We Work Now Month 2021 -

How We Work Now Month 2021

In August 2021, How We Work Now Month, is focusing extra reporting on workplace culture, the role of offices in a (hopefully) post-COVID world, the future of remote tools and the like.

Some questions we'll seek to answer: Where do we work now? Is coworking the future of IRL work? What tech tools are essential now? What can the Great Resignation tell us about what workers want from their careers? What skills (technical and not) make for a great candidate these days? What benefits attract employees in a remote world? How does the pandemic and vaccines play into where we work? How does our career shape our identity?

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Company Culture

How can workplaces build community? Hint: Look to coworking spaces

By Stephen Babcock

At a Slack AMA, coworking leaders from around the mid-Atlantic talked about pivoting programming and keeping members close during the pandemic. There are plenty of lessons they’re sticking with going forward.

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