Startup Health Month 2022 -

Startup Health Month 2021

When should a founder become the CEO? What alternative methods of funding new companies, such as Regulation Crowdfunding, contribute to longevity? How have companies that received Paycheck Protection Program funding fared since the 2020 recession?

In January 2022, Startup Health Month, is focusing extra reporting on the outcomes of pandemic pivots, business continuity planning, growth after failure and economic signs of progress. We's also publish roundups of startup-boosting events and resources, analyses of reports on economic outlook, and closer looks at healthy hiring practices and culture when you're growing quickly.

Plus, look for the 2022 editions of our annual RealLIST Startups, tracking the most promising young tech companies in Philly, Baltimore, DC, Delaware and Pittsburgh.

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VC is booming. Here’s why you might not want to pursue it for your startup

By Holly Quinn

Pressure to unrealistically scale and loss of equity are a couple of reasons to avoid VC. Here are other ways to be successful.

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