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Tech + Health Month 2021

In October 2021, Tech + Health Month, Technical.ly focused extra reporting on the intersection of technology and health — including life sciences, health IT, medtech, mental health resources and the like.

Some questions we sought to answer: What role are local life sciences and digital health communities playing amid the pandemic? How will technology transformation embraced during the pandemic shape healthcare going forward? What's the scope and opportunity held in our local life science markets? What resources exist to boost healthtech startups? To learn more about our editorial calendar, click here. To sign up for our daily newsletter in Philly, Baltimore, D.C., Delaware or Pittsburgh, fill out the form below.

This month’s theme is underwritten by the Chesapeake Digital Health Exchange.

Technical.ly Coverage

Nov 3 2:05pm

How Temple’s tech team built a COVID-19 data dashboard to support campus health

Nov 1 4:38pm

Some governments stopped sharing COVID-19 data. Johns Hopkins’ map is still going strong

Oct 29 6:25pm

With a digital stethoscope, Sonavi Labs eyes healthcare’s remote future

Oct 29 2:18pm

Medical technology company Smith+Nephew is expanding its Pittsburgh presence with a new office on Robotics Row

Oct 29 12:56pm

CurieDx wants to make AI-powered diagnosis accessible for all

Oct 29 9:49am

How these tech hiring orgs support employee health and wellness

Oct 28 3:54pm

Main Line Health is investing in nurse-founded patient care inventions via a new business arm

Oct 28 11:54am

Here’s where 6 Philly-made COVID-19 tech projects stand now

Oct 27 4:06pm

With support from NIH and TEDCO, Bethesda’s PerSon Clinic is expanding digital healthcare offerings

Oct 27 3:00pm

Johns Hopkins-born Relavo graduates to Baltimore’s startup community

Oct 27 1:39pm

What your company can learn from this healthcare industry anti-burnout approach

Oct 26 5:21pm

What Innovation Works’ life sciences director sees for the industry’s future in Pittsburgh

Oct 26 1:11pm

Catalent is investing $230M to expand its gene therapy manufacturing campus near BWI

Oct 25 5:10pm

This Delaware picture book helps kids identify trauma

Oct 25 4:20pm

‘The biggest thing that can happen’: PediaMetrix gets FDA clearance for SoftSpot cranial measurement app

Oct 25 3:35pm

CareFirst launched a virtual primary care practice. It’s the first new company from the health insurer’s innovation team

Oct 22 2:28pm

22 Baltimore tech companies powering telehealth’s expansion

Oct 22 12:49pm

7 ways clinical trials can be more inclusive for people of color

Oct 21 12:12pm

What’s next for healthtech in DC? Look to longevity

Oct 19 3:59pm

Health equity 101: What causes healthcare disparities, and where does tech fit?

Oct 19 3:36pm

How your phone is becoming part of ChristianaCare’s health and wellness plan

Oct 18 4:27pm

A UMB-born startup making a smart mouthguard for athletes just got a funding boost

Oct 18 2:10pm

Fight Superwoman syndrome: 5 ways to prioritize self care for professionals

Oct 18 10:45am

Biomedical equipment technician: The opportunity-filled medtech job you’ve never heard of

Oct 14 4:02pm

These 3 DMV healthtech startups nabbed a spot in 2Gether-International’s first tech cohort

Oct 8 5:50pm

How I Got Here: Why biomedical optics researcher Alistair Lewis left Bangalore for Philly

Oct 8 4:22pm

‘Know your worth’: Advice for women founders from two digital health startup CEOs

Oct 8 2:01pm

Consulting firm EverGlade wants to help pandemic-response startups find federal funding

Oct 8 1:18pm

Can Pittsburgh become a life sciences hub? Here’s a list of startup resources to make it happen

Oct 7 2:07pm

A CHOP nurse is behind Murphy Cares, a pet therapy app to reduce stress with on-demand dogs

Oct 7 12:48pm

Henrietta Lacks is the inspiration for a new life science workspace, called HelaPlex

Oct 6 7:27pm

Starting a health technology company in Baltimore? Here are 43 resources to know

Oct 6 5:51pm

What the HIPAA? 28 terms you need to know at the intersection of tech and health

Oct 6 11:01am

3 new fellows join Delaware Data Innovation Lab

Oct 5 6:04pm

20+ resources to boost Philly health startups

Oct 5 11:39am

Rockville medtech company OpGen just got FDA approval for its gene testing product

Oct 4 5:02pm

Cognition Therapeutics launched its $40M IPO for Alzheimer’s treatment

Oct 4 2:40pm

Jobs and startups are key to making Maryland a top life sciences ecosystem, says report

Oct 4 1:35pm

Johnson & Johnson is funding entrepreneurs with solutions in health equity

Oct 4 1:05pm

The future of Pittsburgh life sciences: Success is imminent, but strategy to get there is lacking

Oct 1 5:32pm

The future of healthcare is here. What technologies will shape it?

Oct 1 10:34am

Penn is establishing a $100M center to focus on the intersection of engineering and biomedicine