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Youth Building the Future Month 2021

In September 2021, Youth Building the Future Month, Technical.ly focused extra reporting on youth-built apps, career readiness, STEAM learning programs and the like. Some questions we sought to answer: How are students being introduced to technology? How can educators prepare students for the industries of the future? Are young technologists optimistic or pessimistic about the future of tech and their own potential careers in it?

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Technical.ly Coverage

Oct 1 2:52pm

Diversity in tech requires a diverse tech pipeline. Pittsburgh youth programs are filling opportunity gaps

Sep 29 5:52pm

These 3 hiring tech companies have internship and apprenticeship opportunities

Sep 29 10:39am

5 DC leaders share the best ways to support young technologists

Sep 28 1:30pm

The Look Ahead: Andrew Coy, executive director of the Digital Harbor Foundation

Sep 27 1:21pm

Robin Walker wants Philly public school students to fall in love with robotics

Sep 22 12:34pm

Youth Resource Roundup: 12+ programs to help Philly students break into STEM

Sep 21 12:38pm

Words LIIVE founder Sage Salvo has a new product blending music and literacy

Sep 21 12:12pm

Wilmington partners with Drone Workforce Solutions for two teen-facing programs

Sep 20 5:13pm

14 DC edtech companies shaping the future of learning

Sep 20 1:24pm

Preparing students for a STEM career will take collaboration. Just ask these educational partners

Sep 17 4:23pm

19 tech education programs helping DC youth build the future

Sep 17 11:19am

DC’s CityWorks program wants to help high school students with tech employment

Sep 16 10:00am

This free computer science program brings STEM education to underserved Philly students

Sep 16 7:05am

Young people are speaking up for change. But we need more voices

Sep 14 5:09pm

34 Baltimore tech programs preparing youth to build the future

Sep 10 2:56pm

Why these teens built a no-code app to tackle climate change, locally

Sep 10 2:44pm

Youth Resource Roundup: 10 programs to help Pittsburgh students break into STEM

Sep 8 4:41pm

How I Got Here: Christabella Palumbi on the keys to a successful tech internship

Sep 1 6:06pm

Meet young people building the future via tech and entrepreneurship this September