How to Get a Tech Job Month 2021 -

How to Get a Tech Job Month 2021

In November 2021, How to Get a Tech Job Month, is focusing extra reporting on the state of tech employment across our five markets and nationally. That includes topics such as The Great Resignation, professional development for technologists, and skills and salary trends.

Some questions we'll seek to answer: What skills are needed to enter the tech workforce of 2021, and how does one obtain them? How can companies ensure an equitable hiring process? What effects of The Great Resignation will linger beyond the pandemic? What are the essential technical roles of tomorrow?

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This month’s theme is underwritten by Flatiron School.

Company Culture

What question should you ask to stand out in a job interview?

By Sam Markowitz

For How to Get a Tech Job Month, we asked our Talent companies what candidate questions would impress them — and how they’d answer.

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