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Tech Career Paths Month 2021

In February 2021, Technical.ly focused extra reporting on the questions: What nontraditional paths can be taken to careers in technology? What hiring trends emerged from 2020? What are the steps after hiring that can help to retain underrepresented groups in tech roles? Look for an interview series technologists’ professional journeys, profiles of everyone from CTOs to junior devs, and explainers on how to advance in different tech roles.

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Technical.ly Coverage

Mar 12 1:13pm

Temple’s Thomas Edwards: Engineering degree programs must blend theory with practice

Mar 5 4:56pm

Why this founder is building his cybersecurity startup in Philly

Mar 1 11:46am

How I Got Here: A game design career led Karen Chang to medical training, Mister Mart

Feb 26 3:15pm

How I Got Here: From entry-level to senior software engineer, 5 devs talk career trajectory

Feb 25 3:58pm

5 questions with the hosts of Zip Code Wilmington’s Refractor podcast

Feb 25 7:54am

What Stacy Brown-Philpot learned about innovation in her days building at SoftBank, Google and TaskRabbit

Feb 24 4:30pm

This is what it’s like to look for your first tech job right now

Feb 23 10:09am

How I Got Here: Think Company’s Drew Christiano went from self-taught solo designer to managing collaborative teams

Feb 18 12:37pm

How I Got Here: Lillian Klasen studied public health. Now, she codes to help people live healthier lives

Feb 18 11:22am

Tech-driven automation is reshaping career paths. Software developers must prepare, too.

Feb 16 5:40pm

How I Got Here: Programmer Terrell Singletary’s path from pandemic layoffs to JPMorgan Chase

Feb 16 5:13pm

How I Got Here: SmartLogic developer Melvin Cedeno on coding bootcamps and Elixir jobs

Feb 16 12:08pm

Data science is a field full of opportunity, say these women in leadership roles

Feb 16 11:31am

‘Manager’ does not equal ‘leader’

Feb 15 3:35pm

What kind of salaries do these common tech jobs fetch in Philly?

Feb 15 7:32am

Morgan State alums of the Google Tech Exchange program discuss their career paths

Feb 11 10:15am

How Hopeworks’ RealLIST Engineers are preparing Camden youth for the workplace

Feb 10 5:41pm

How I Got Here: Sorcero implementation engineer Jocelyn Jeriah on coding schools and changing career paths

Feb 10 2:46pm

How I Got Here: URBN Android engineer Cody Eddings on coding and college degrees

Feb 8 4:52pm

As demand for tech jobs in the DMV region rises, salaries are stagnant

Feb 8 2:58pm

How I Got Here: From video games to digital news, Dain Saint wields tech for good

Feb 4 10:59am

How persistent curiosity turned this intercultural comms scholar into Penn Interactive’s lead scrum master

Feb 3 11:56am

Code in the Schools and Catalyte are seeking software dev apprentices

Feb 2 4:01pm

How I Got Here: From a chocolate factory to a software firm, Nicole Zonnenberg kept building coding skills

Feb 1 3:12pm

What can devs do to bring new people into the tech space?

Jan 29 11:11am

Has your tech career path been a straight line, a twist or a zigzag? Technical.ly wants to hear your story