Evolution of a Tech Scene Month 2022

What local founders have started influential companies that spawned others by going public and creating employee wealth, spinning off new technology, or otherwise encouraging entrepreneurship within its own ranks? How can local economies support startup flywheels? When’s the best time for an employee to become a founder, and how should they do it?

But also: Going forward, do these "tech mafias" matter as much to startup ecosystems as they once did? Does the term even really apply anymore? What models should replace them, if any, to make sure that networks promote ecosystem growth that benefits all?

In May 2022, Evolution of a Tech Scene Month, Technical.ly is focusing extra reporting on the history of our local tech communities, anchored by the idea is that an alumni network is powerful. One successful company can spawn alumni who go on to found other successful companies — with plenty of lessons for the next generation.

Plus, look for the 2022 edition of Technical.ly’s annual RealLIST Connectors tracking the most connective tech community members in each of our markets.

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Professional Development

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