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You know how close we are to actual Black Friday by how loudly your emails are screaming at you.

If the headline coyly whispers, “Early Black Friday alert,” go take a nap. You have plenty of time to shop. When it hits, “Pre-Black Friday FLASH SALE!” level, your Go Bag should be packed and ready for any and all shopping emergencies. By the time you wake up to the “EARLY ACCESS: 50% OFF EVERYTHING!” alarm … also don’t worry. It’s still weeks away.

It’s truly a hectic time for brands, but we can’t help but feel the need to celebrate the unsung heroes of holiday sales culture: email headline writers. These soldiers of scribble have strategically scrawled two months’ worth of progressively screamier headlines to market a Black Friday sale that has no intention of ever being over. And this is just the beginning of the season.

If you are one of said scribes, stay strong, friends. If you’re looking for your own loud and abrasive professional challenge, keep reading.

The News

There are a few topics we typically avoid at work — and politics is at the top of the list. These days, due to so much of our lives revolving around the recent election, The TWIJ Show called out the very big elephant (or donkey, as it were) in the room: how to talk about politics at work. In a convo led by CEO Chris Wink, the episode features tips from E1B2 cofounders Anthony Vaughan and Angela R. Howard.

Ladies, we’ve worked hard for the money, now let’s make it work for us. A report by UBS found a “lack of preparedness for crucial wealth management and financial independence” among women. We’ll be featuring this topic on an upcoming episode of Off the Sidelines, an investor education podcast, and will be holding a free virtual live podcast recording on Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 1 p.m. EST focused on how more women can actively invest their wealth. Register here.

The bots are not the bad guys. At least according to CGI. We sat down with a couple smarties at the global IT and business consulting services firm to get their thoughts on why automation and emerging technology are here to help humans accomplish even more work — and not, as we once feared, replace us. And hey, fun fact, it’s hiring.

What’s begging for change, other than our bank account? The energy industry. Read how local startup Inspire plans to disrupt the system. P.S. This place is also hiring. Sweet deals.

The Jobs

The End

We leave you with one important tip: Never believe the headline that threatens today as “the last day” to get the sale. Now is the time to dig your heels in. The deals will only get better as your emails become more intense. DO NOT CRUMBLE UNDER THE EMAIL HEADLINE PRESSURE UNTIL THAT SHIRT IS 95% OFF. Trust the process.

Also, happy job hunting, friends.


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