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Promptworks |  Philadelphia, PA | Ops / PM

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We’re looking for just the right person to join our team and facilitate the delivery of high-quality results of a client’s product vision. Our PMs collaborate with engineers to translate client requirements into a technical backlog, manage the pace & priority of work, and communicate with our clients to champion business value with every sprint. Using agile best practices and techniques, PMs clarify product vision for our clients, bring out the best in our software engineering teams, and help improve our internal processes. 
We hire passionate, pragmatic, intelligent, well-spoken, knowledge-hungry, fun-loving people. This is a full time position that is remote to start, and will transition on-site when it is safe to do so. Requires most days spent working in our Center City Philadelphia office, M – F standard working hours (with some flexibility).
About the ideal candidate
You love working directly with clients to understand, develop, release, and enhance elegant products that solve complex problems for real people. You are equally comfortable with design concepts, technical jargon, and agile methods, and collaborate skillfully with experts in those domains. You have a bias for action and can break down complex problems into concrete steps that drive efficient, effective product development for clients, designers, and engineers to rally behind. 
Candidates for this role should have five or more years of relevant experience, with preference to those with previous product experience.


    • Champion client vision and priorities day-to-day
    • Facilitate Agile process and events with clients and staff, including Sprint reviews and planning and daily stand-ups
    • Turn clients’ big ideas into actionable user stories in collaboration with engineers, with detailed acceptance criteria and clear expectations
    • Track and monitor project budgets and keep Promptworks leadership and client informed on budget status
    • Maintain ongoing communication with clients, keeping them informed of project and budget status as well as supporting account managers in ensuring overall client satisfaction
    • Collaborate with team technical leads to guide clients through the trade-offs between their long-term and short-term goals balanced with the cost realities of development
    • Prioritize and protect client’s budget, effectively communicating the impact of product decisions throughout the course of development to both client and team
    • Document decisions made and communicate risk to client throughout the duration of the engagement
    • Deliver messages confident in the team’s ability to achieve success on the project, especially in difficult situations
    • Educate clients on our software development process, our Agile practices, and the nature of software (advising when appropriate)
    • Support the sales team by gathering requirements and facilitating parts of the sales process

Required Skills Include

    • 5+ years of related work experience, preferably in custom software development
    • Proven ability to work directly with engineering, QA, design teams on the development and release of software
    • Confidence in agile software methodology (Scrum, Lean, Kanban, etc)
    • Ability to gather high-level business requirements from clients and and translate ideas into actionable user stories
    • Solid understanding of how to prioritize a backlog according to business value
    • Experience with user acceptance testing
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, understanding how to tailor messaging to the audience
    • An proactive approach to make timely decisions and unblock yourself and your team
    • Experience identifying, mitigating, and escalating project risks
    • Experience managing budgets and deadlines

Additional Valuable Experience

      • Previous consulting experience a strong plus
      • Product owner certification or business analyst experience a plus


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What makes Promptworks a unique place to work?

Being an engineer-founded company, we have a lot of empathy for every single person who contributes to our team. All of the roles within our organization — from engineering and design to QA and project management — we’ve once done ourselves, so we tried to build a culture that represents our ideal workplace for our employees.

Tell us about your approach to learning and development.

We believe that everyone, no matter how senior, has something to learn because tech is always changing. We also want our team to have time to experiment and push boundaries so that we can make sound recommendations for our clients.

That said, we don’t expect employees to learn on their own time. That’s why we carve out non-billable work time during which employees are able to reinvest in the company and themselves. Employees use 25% of their time to work on projects like estimations for prospective clients, preparing talks for “Talk Tuesdays” held in our dining room or to speak at a conference, engaging with the community through mentoring or Meetups, working on internal projects that let us try out new technology, or building something fun — say, for instance, a custom, voice-recognition-enabled Harry Potter game that lives in our dining room.

Through this approach, we’ve seen many people move up from entry level to senior positions, gain new specialities and advise their peers on what they’ve learned.

How would you describe the internal culture?

We have a very strong culture of openness and friendliness. We work together, listen to each other, share knowledge. There’s never any stigma attached to saying, “Hey, I don’t know how this works.”

From an operations standpoint, we take a very thoughtful approach to policy development. Policies are structured around what is important to our people. We look at how policies have been used in the past and take polls on what works best for our employees. From there we develop everything from new professional development opportunities to work/life balance policies that relieve day-to-day stress.

How does that culture help drive the goals of the organization?

Our mission is to help our clients become more efficient by creating custom software that’s made specifically to work for their companies. We’re able to deliver on this because we have such a strong, collaborative culture full of people who love to learn and share their knowledge. We continue to improve because of our people’s desire to learn new things, apply them and evolve.

Hiring people that are not only dedicated to their roles but also have outside passions has helped us succeed in a wide variety of industries and companies. We’ve worked with companies in ecommerce, life sciences, fashion, non profit, etc. Each new project brings the need to research new tools or learn new subject matter. Employees have commented that the variety of the work, and the constant need to solve new problems, keeps things interesting.

What do you look for from job candidates?

As a consultancy, at some point or another we all have contact with clients and need to see things from their perspective. We always look for candidates who are empathetic and genuinely care about client success.

We also look for candidates who are a quick study, whether when it comes to adapting to new technology or learning about a new client’s industry.

Our office is an ego-free environment. It’s not about you or your code, it’s about delivering a great product that we can hand off with pride. Everyone collaborates, shares knowledge and helps bring the product to life as a team. For instance, our engineers and designers commonly engage in pair programming, where two people work on one computer at once, taking turns driving. Having two brains on one thing is so helpful. It allows folks to challenge their assumptions, make sure they’re doing everything right, and trade control back and forth.

Also, many of our employees come from diverse backgrounds; several went to arts schools, a few have PHDs in education or neurobiology. These unique backgrounds are really helpful when we throw people into new projects where they can apply their expertise.

How about in terms of tech skills?

  1. Polyglots with experience in dynamic languages like Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and open source languages
  2. Able to work in any part of the stack.
  3. Understanding of Agile practices

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