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This Week in Jobs: 21 open tech roles to help you survive the password crackdown

No more streaming from your old roommate’s cousin’s account.

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The inevitable has finally arrived. Last week, Netflix announced plans to test a surcharge for users sharing their passwords to those who live outside the household.

Gone are the days where you could binge “Bridgerton” using your roommate from five years ago’s account because they never logged off on your TV. No more password swapping of someone’s Netflix for your Hulu credentials.

But hey, this newfound free time means more time spent checking out today’s new jobs.

The News

With Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and some platform you haven’t even heard of yet, it can be hard to decide where to focus your energy. Kapowza Chief Marketing Officer Sean Sutherland weighs in on advice as to how to best find your audience online.

The pandemic has only accelerated the rise of remote work, creating unique tech migration patterns as smaller hubs pop up across the country.

In this week’s Culture Builder: Can companies ever bounce back from a toxic workplace?

In just a year, NFTs transformed from niche hobby to mainstream pursuit. What does that mean for art and technology at large?

Kion’s new director of design and engineering discovered the company on — check out the remote-first cloud enablement firm’s open roles here if you want to follow in his footsteps.

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Here’s hoping you can get one last stream in. Watch something you love, and we’ll see you back here next week

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