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This Week in Jobs Philly: April showers bring May flowers

Promise there’s more to this cliche ...

Siiiiiingin' in the rain. (Gif via

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Rain, rain go away

It’s been a couple of dreary days in the city with plenty of gray skies. But a rainy weekend has a few perks. It gives you the chance to look out of your window like you’re the star of an early 2000s pop music video.

And holing up on a rainy day means you have a little time for some introspection. Doesn’t it seem like the best things in life come after a little “rain,” heartache or frustration? As the queen of 2000s music videos Natasha Bedingfield sings: “Feel the rain on your skin, No one else can feel it for you, Only you can let it in.”

We’re not in the business of philosophizing over here at, but we hope you take this as a sign that if the job search process has felt like one long rainy day, there’s bound to be some good news in the near future. And you’re starting in the right place with TWIJ.

The News

Besides flowers, May is sure to bring lots of networking and learning opportunities. The 11th annual Philly Tech Week Presented by Comcast kicks off on May 7. Within the week’s docket of exciting events focused on innovation in the region, you’ll find the Introduced by daylong conference on May 13, which will take you on a deep dive into building better workplaces. Another PTW21 event is the free (yes, free!) Developers Conference for curious engineers interested in case studies and built-in networking sessions on May 11.

For the First Staters who want to hit the books, the nonprofit Tech Impact is offering mid-level professionals free Java and Oracle courses, starting at the end of April.

Looking forward to the future doesn’t mean we ignore the problems of the present. For’s Funding Women Founders Month, Managing Editor Julie Zeglen illuminated readers about the funding disparities often faced by women, with even sharper rifts for Black and Latinx women founders.

The Jobs

Knuckle down at home with these fully remote opportunities:

The End

Gotta go splash in some puddles. Have a good week!

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