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This Week in Jobs DE: School’s out! For … not much longer

Can we work in naptime?

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Pack those bookbags

College students are starting to file back to schools around the city, and the School District of Philadelphia’s first day of classes is a measly week away. The bout of high school freshmen make up the upcoming Class of 2025, which is a slightly terrifying figure.

Even more haunting is that an onslaught of students means summer is coming to an end and a new season is coming. Time really seems like it’s been playing tricks on us since 2019, huh?

As a proud (maybe slightly deflated) Class of 2020 graduate, I can’t help but reminisce on those college days. Sleepless nights? Long days at work and then class? An online graduation? The good ol’ days.

Just kidding, kids — stay in school, get that degree, and go forth and conquer the world. Learning something new is never a bad thing, so keep reading for the latest and greatest in hot-off-the-press tech jobs.

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Higher ed is ripe for job development for women, who account for just 25% of jobs in collegiate tech departments. Dr. Kristin Austin of the nonprofit Rewriting the Code is doing work to fill those gaps. She gave us the deets in the latest #ama interview on our public Slack channel. Tune in on Thursday, Aug. 26, when our reporters Holly Quinn and Paige Gross will lead a discussion with women-in-tech meetup organizers from across the mid-Atlantic.

Before you’re saved by the bell, one last lesson: Here’s what CTOs are looking for when hiring.

The Jobs

Shoot for the stars at Comcast:

Remember the “Clean-Up Song“? Inspire made an equitable tech business out of clean energy:

Be a trendsetter from the first day at Perpay as a Marketplace Buyer.

Win the “Best Dressed” superlative at URBN. The company is hiring a Software Engineer — Customer Success.

Build a team at the K-12 education nonprofit KickUp as a Head of People Operations.

Microchip Technology Inc. is seeking a Principal Engineer of Product Marketing.

Command a robot or two at Exyn Technologies. The company is hiring a Director of Marketing.

There’s no cafeteria food when you work from home. Check out these remote opportunities:

The End

Alright, class dismissed. And wipe that drool off your desk.


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