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This Week in Jobs: You better never let it go

Ya got one shot (to get that tech job).

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Hands so sweaty

Absolutely nothing could have represented the 2020 Oscar Awards show better than a live performance of Eminem’s seminal hit “Lose Yourself” from 2002’s “8 Mile.”

Just kidding. That made no sense.

The musical performance perplexed many, ultimately producing the content we all really wanted: reactions by celebs who didn’t know they were on camera.

Side note: “Lose Yourself” won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2003, but ol’ Em didn’t go to the show because he thought there was no chance in mom’s spaghetti he was going to win.

So remember his words, jobseekers. Tattoo them to your soul.

If you had one shot. Or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment, would you capture it? Or just let it slip?

Yes! It’s so good. Is anyone else so pumped right now?! YOU BETTER LOSE YOURSELF!

The News

Brace yourselves for full career impact, people: NET/WORK Philly 2020 is exactly two weeks from today. Just don’t forget to buy your tix (only $10, what a steal).

A growth spurt doesn’t have to be that awkward stage where your pants barely reach your ankles. It probably will be, it just doesn’t have to be. Take it from Deacom, the “artisans of ERP software,” growing (gracefully) — currently 10 job openings on its company page — and opening its first international HQ in Frankfurt, Germany this year. Bitte.

Another searingly hot episode of “Off the Sidelines” has hit the airwaves, featuring Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital and his belief that the most successful investors are nonconformists.

Delaware (or anywhere for that matter), check out this list of over 50 consumer-facing Black-owned businesses in the state. And if we missed you, absolutely let us know.

The Jobs

Like an app sampler at Chili’s, we’ve got a little taste of everything for you this week:



  • Penn Mutual is hiring an Agile Coach with a deep, profound understanding of agile values, principles and methods. If that’s the way you feel about Agile, get a room — we mean, an office — because this job is up your alley.


  • Pinnacle 21 — which works with pharma companies to streamline the drug approval process — is looking for a Data Engineer who’s eager to get in on the ground floor.


  • SimpleTire is hiring a Release Engineer who can help make that pesky tire-buying process painless and simple. Inc. mag is calling it the “fastest growing auto brand in America.” Get in while the gettin’s good.


Biz Dev/Management:

  • The Philadelphia Citizen is on the prowl for a Managing Director with a mission-driven entrepreneurship mindset who can strategically guide organizational growth.


The End

We hope that after reading this you turned “Lose Yourself” up to 11 and belted out every single word with the fierceness of Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith, Jr. rap battling for his life circa 2002.

Thanks for joining us this week, dear friends. See ya next time!

Happy job hunting.


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