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This Week in Jobs Philly: Summa, summa, summatime

Grab some water ice to cool down.

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It’s getting hot out here

It’s not officially summer yet (and doesn’t start until June 21) but it sure does feel swampy. The summer means sweaty walks to the corner store, to the subway, to the bar for happy hour. To cool off, we recommend stoopin’ once the sun goes down.

While it’s hot out there, you can turn the dial up on your job search and resume revamp. Let’s get into this week’s TWIJ so you can get back to fanning yourself with your newspaper.

The News

How is a company’s culture affected by its CEO’s statement (or silence) about a political topic? Technically Media CEO Chris Wink discusses what sort of voice and action employees are looking for from their company leaders and points out that taking no action still speaks volumes.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted areas of digital inequity, prompting the city’s Office of Innovation and Technology to launch a $10 million fund to fill those gaps. reporter Paige Gross lays out how the office accelerated processes to best serve the city during a time of need.

And down in the First State, the next great minds in tech are being shaped by the Delaware STEAM Academy, which teaches skills like coding and machine learning to K-12 students. Warm weather and sun at the DE Steam Academy means a summer coding camp for kids of all levels.

The Jobs

Crank that window unit up and get WFH-ready with these fully remote jobs:

The End

Don’t forget to drink your wooder. Same time next week?

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