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This Week in Jobs: Give your career a redo with these 25 job opportunities

It’s never too late to try again.

Give it another shot, like these two! (Gif via

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Is it just us, or is it 2002?

If you missed the news last week, OG Bennifer, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, announced they’re engaged … again.

After 18 years apart, the duo is giving it another go. With age may come perspective, wisdom and experience.

You might not be contemplating rekindling a long-lost romance, but could it be time to give something a second chance? Whether it’s a hobby, career path or pipe dream, it’s never too late to try something again.

The News

Why do diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives matter? DEI pro Amber Jones explains in’s latest workshop series, part of the City of Philadelphia’s PHL: Most Diverse Tech Hub initiative.

Spring has sprung, even indoors. Maryland-based indoor gardening startup Gardyn just raised a $35 million Series B round.

From Amazon to Starbucks, there’s a new union movement rising across America. Here’s how it’s transforming the labor movement.

Slowly, but surely, the gender wage gap is closing. Young women in these 16 metro areas are reportedly outearning their male counterparts.

The Jobs





The End

We all deserve a second chance. We’ll be back next Tuesday.

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