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This Week in Jobs: Get drafted to one of these engineering teams

And cover your face when you sneeze.

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It’s raining men pollen

One year ago, we compared watching the NFL draft to enduring seasonal allergies.

Why? Way too many allergy meds. Probably. Who can remember?

Well, this weekend, like clockwork, we were back to poppin’ Bennies (aka Benadryl), and grinding our teeth over picks. And though the Philadelphia Eagles served up some controversial decision making this year, we found that Benadryl’s drowsy-ing effect was just the ticket for staying calm. After all, it’s hard to throw things at the TV when you’re drooling on a couch pillow.

Anyways … what are we supposed to be talking about? Oh yes, jobs. Here we go.

The News

Has your small company been rocked by the COVID-19 crisis? Ours (Technically Media) too. Here’s how we’re getting through it.

And in other us-specific news, we’ve recently introduced the Journalism Fund, a pool of funding that will help us expand our newsroom as we deepen our focus on a wealth and poverty beat during this recession. Take a peek at how you can help, either at an organizational or independent level.

Big news: The Paycheck Protection Program is open again. Check out what it was like for Center City web dev startup Engine Room to get a loan approved in round one, and take a gander at additional funding resources.

The Jobs

Engineer your way into one of these roles:

Never go back to work — in person. These jobs are remote:

The End

As always, thanks for joining us this week folks. We’ll be back next week with more musings on sharks. Maybe an entire shark theme. Yes. We are very into this. When the Benadryl wears off, we’ll circle back and make sure all of this makes sense.

Happy job hunting, friends.

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